December 28, 2019

RCON RConcept 225mm M-class body shell

Coming from RCON is their new RConcept 225mm wheelbase M-class supercar body shell. Offering a low centre of gravity and high downforce design, the 170mm wide body is moulded from lightweight 0.8mm polycarbonate. Included come window masks, a decal sheet as well as a separate rear wing with mounting hardware.

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March 15, 2019

RCON RC.One 1/10th formula body shell

RCON Design have introduced their RC.One body shell for 1/10th formula pan cars. The body is moulded from high-quality polycarbonate and understood to fit most 1/10th formula chassis with respective trimming of the front suspension and rear power pod areas and it comes including a decal sheet and a helmet. When pre-ordered via RCON’s social media page, the package will also include scale accessories such as a Halo, roof and side camera.

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November 26, 2018

RCON RS200 M-class body shell

RCON have released a first image of their forthcoming new RS200 rally body shell for 225mm M-type cars. Resembling the iconic Ford RS200, the shell will fit mist 225mm M-class cars such as the ones from Tamiya or Xpress with the body being moulded from high-quality polycarbonate material. It will include window masks and a decal sheet and will hit stores soon.

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November 14, 2018

RCON R4WRC M-type body shell

Coming soon from RCON is the R4WRC WorldRX and TCR body shell for short wheelbase M-type chassis. The body is made of 1.0mm polycarbonate material and it is usable for rally or touring car applications as it can be used as a WRX rally or TCR on-road body shell. The lid offers a 208mm wheelbase and at a width of 168mm and it comes including window masks, a decal sheet and an add-on rear wing.

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June 17, 2018

RCON Club 1275EST M-type body shell

RCON Design have release first information on their forthcoming Club 1275EST body shell for 225mm M-type cars. The estate version of their Club 1275GT body shell is made of 1.2mm polycarbonate for durability and it resembles the iconic Mini Clubman van decked out with a crazy 1980’s style wide body and aero kit, giving the shell greater downforce compared to standard M-type bodies.

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