October 14, 2022

Rêve D ‘RDX’ Drift Car Kit

Rêve D’s has announced that their first original RWD drift car kit “RDX” will finally will be released at the end of November. The “RDX”, which achieves consistently high control performance and powerful driving regardless of skill, road surface conditions, or course layout, uses lightweight and highly rigid graphite composite resin parts that are both easy to assemble and difficult to break. By making the arms and tie rods fixed, even users who are making RC cars for the first time can completely reproduce the optimum alignment for drift driving just by assembling according to the instruction manual without any difficult adjustments. The battery can be equipped with short batteries (horizontal / vertical / thin / thick), long batteries and almost all batteries currently on sale for 1:10 scale drift category.

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September 27, 2022

ReveD RSD Ceramic Ball Bearing

RC drift specialist brand Rêve D has released RSD ceramic ball bearings for high precision, light weight and low friction at Front Knuckle. Internal dimensions are adjusted to minimise rotational resistance while driving. The white ceramic ball, which has the largest possible ball size, provide excellent wear resistance and high durability. Rolling resistance is reduced by lightweight ceramic balls, and grease-less specifications eliminate the need for grease, which minimises the rotation loss of the front axle, which is important in RWD drift, and realises smooth front tire rotation.

Source: Rêve D [teamreved.com]

September 6, 2022

Rêve D 8mm offset spec DPS & UL12 wheels

Following customer requests, RC drift brand Rêve D has released an 8mm offset version of their competition DP5 & UL12 wheels.  Popular for its light weight and high traction characteristics, it is available in two colours, standard white and black. While maintaining the highest performance of lightweight (about 11g each) and high traction realised by optimising the material, design, and dimensions of each part, the offset is now 8mm. The adoption of a large inner diameter & thin rim avoids interference with the suspension just like the current DP5 & UL12 offering.

Source: Rêve D [teamreved.com]

July 14, 2022

Rêve D Type TK suspension mount

Rêve D have introduced the new ‘Type TK’ for the rear (RF) in their lightweight and highly rigid aluminium suspension mount series. ‘Type TK’, which was developed by Takahiro Kawakami and the team, has two rod end ball mounting holes on the upper surface of the suspension mount. By attaching the upper arm to the suspension mount, a direct feeling is created in the movement of the rear suspension, and traction performance and control performance are dramatically improved. There are two types, #6 (57.2-60.4mm) and #7 (60.8-64.0mm), which can be used not only for MC-1 but also for YD-2 series.

View both suspension mounts here

June 22, 2022

Rêve D aluminium adjustable servo horn

This lightweight and super rigid split servo horn from Rêve D can adjust the distance from the centre of the servo horn to the rod end ball steplessly from 19mm to 23mm with just one screw. It is possible to instantly adjust the lever ratio according to the servo speed and counter timing. There are two types of spline fitting, 25T (for servos such as Futaba and Rêve D) and 23T (for servos such as Sanwa and KO) so that you can choose according to the servo manufacturer you are using. A secure clamp method is used for mounting the horn and can be firmly fixed.

View the different servo horn sets here

June 15, 2022

Rêve D 7-spoke JD7 wheels

Rêve D introduce their sharp looking 7-spoke JD7 wheel to their competition wheel series, which is popular for its light weight and high traction. There are two colours available, matte black and matte white and a new 8mm offset is also available, which has received many requests in addition to the conventional 6mm. This new design maintains the highest performance criteria of light weight, about 11g per piece, and high traction, all with a large inner diameter & thin rim.

Source: Rêve D [teamreved.com]

April 11, 2022

Rêve D Revox RWD steering gyro

Rêve D’s first RWD drift servo gyro, called Revox, is finally ready for release. It features a new ‘gyro curve setting’ function, which following repeated tests in various situations with many different drift specific servos, enables the user to change the initial curve value in 6 stages according to skill, track surface conditions, track layout and so on. The optimum setting is simply made by clicking the setup switch. The aluminum case has a lightweight and compact design taking up very little space in the car. A programming card can be used to set all of the gyro curve functions, endpoint function and reverse switching.

View another image of the Revox here

March 31, 2022

Rêve D R-tune PC rear spring

Rêve D have introduced their new R-tune PC rear spring. This multi-winding type PC rear spring excels in relatively low-grip road surfaces such as P tiles and coloured concrete. Utilising the amazing ‘SWO’ material that has been proven in the previously released R-tune series giving a strong kicking feeling even at higher spring rates and controlled performance. They continue to use the popular 2-way structure that enables you to flip the top and bottom of the spring, allowing you to instantly adjust it according to the road surface conditions and driving skills. There are 3 types in the line-up (medium, medium hard & hard) and they are available separately or as a full set in its own dedicated box.

View the box set here