January 2, 2019

Rusti Design YZ-4 SF carbon fibre shock towers

French brand Rusti Design has introduced new carbon fibre shock towers for the Yokomo YZ-4 SF 4WD buggy. Both are machined from matte finish carbon fibre and they sport an updated and unique design with a pocketed RD logo and additional machining for a low weight and increased stability. The shock stays however utilise the same geometry as the stock parts and they are available now.

View the rear shock stay here

April 30, 2018

Rusti Design transmitter skins

French company Rusti Design launched a range of transmitter skins for many of today’s high end and intermediate level radios. Available in metallic blue or grey as well as white, grey or black carbon fibre design the pre-cut decals are made of high quality vinyl material and the sticker sheets are available for radios such as the Sanwa M12 and MT-44, the Futaba 4PX and 4PLS as well as the Spektrum DX4 and DX3 series.

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March 8, 2018

Rusti Design RC10 carbon fibre option parts

French brand Rusti Design have introduced a collection of carbon fibre option parts for the iconic Team Associated RC10 2WD buggy. First up is a standard geometry front shock tower that uses the Worlds Car suspension geometry while the Big Bore tower adds 7mm of height, ideal for modern era or big bore shocks. Both are cut from 3mm carbon fibre and sport machined sections for looks and clearance. Next up is a 3mm rear shock tower that uses the standard geometry for the use with standard or big bore shock units. Also new is a 3mm rear transmission brace for the 3-gear Stealth transmission while one full-size LiPo strap – for standard size LiPos or 6-cell NiMH packs – as well as shorty LiPo strap and a shorty LiPo mini strap allow the use of modern shorty packs with the RC10. All parts are cut from high-quality carbon fibre and they are available now.

View the other new parts here

January 19, 2018

Rusti Design XB4 carbon fibre option parts

French brand Rusti Design has introduced a range of carbon fibre option parts for the Xray XB4 buggy. Currently available are 4mm front and rear shock towers as well as a 0.8mm carbon fibre rear wing stiffener. The shock towers use the same geometry as the stock parts, however they are of an updated design to make them stand out. As for the wing mount stiffener, the part will be sandwiched between the wing mount and wing, improving the strength of the while area while also ensuring a longer wing life when the action is getting rough.

View the other new parts here

October 16, 2017

Rusti Design B6 series rear shock tower spacer

French brand Rusti Design has released a new shock tower spacer for the Team Associated B6 series of 2WD buggies. The 3-D-printed part allows to mount the rear shock tower in a more rearward position, such as found of the AE B5M buggy. The updated shock tower and rear wing position will improve the buggy’s balance and traction on lower grip surfaces, which was proved by Antoine Rosetti’s 3rd place at last weekend’s French Cup, and the conversion requires four M3x40mm button or socket head as well as two M3x25mm button head screws for completion. The spacer is usable on both the B6 and B6D buggy.

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October 11, 2017

Rusti Design chassis protector decals

French brand Rusti Design have introduced their new chassis protector decals. Sporting flashy Rusti Design graphics the pre-cut decals are available in eight different colour variants and for a huge range of brands and cars – including on-road, off-road and some vintage kits. Using the protractor skins will ensure a longer chassis plate life in abrasive track conditions and cooler looks when the car is upside down.

View the colour variants here

May 31, 2017

Rusti Design B64 differential oil stickers

French brand Rusti Design has introduced a set of differential oil stickers for the Team Associated B64 buggy. Designed to take the guesswork out of tuning and maintaining the buggy’s gear differentials the stickers fit snuggly into the recesses of the diff gear where they are kept safe and secure, reminding on the fluid viscosity inside. The set includes four each of the most used oil viscosities, some blank stickers for custom oils and the stockers are also usable for a range of other cars and brands.

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