May 12, 2017

Rusti Design B64 carbon fibre option parts

Following their extensive line of carbon fibre option parts for the Team Associated B6 series of buggies, French brand Rusti Design has introduced several option parts for the B64 4WD kit. First up are a carbon fibre front shock tower as well as standard and tall rear shock towers. The standard parts match the kit geometry while the taller rear shock tower was developed for the use with longer 31mm shock body dampers.

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March 29, 2017

Rusti Design carbon fibre fan guards

Available now from French brand Rusti Design are two carbon fibre ESC fan guards. Cut from 1mm high-quality carbon fibre and thus in most cases usable with the original fan mount hardware, the guards not only look good but they can also prevent damage to the fan’s blades by shielding them from larger debris or the speedo’s wires. The guards are available for 25mm or 30mm fans.

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March 28, 2017

Rusti Design B6-series carbon fibre option parts

Rusti Design from France have introduced their new range of carbon fibre option parts for the Team Associated B6 series of buggies. Available now are 4mm gullwing and flat front as well as standard and long rear shock towers all of which match the standard suspension geometry. They feature an updated overall design though, making them stand out from the kit parts. Next up is a 1mm front bulkhead shim to lower the suspension mounts for improved steering while a +2mm rear gearbox shim set has been designed to raise the gearbox and shock tower block with an additional shim being provided for the specific laydown gearbox. Using the parts helps to maintain low driveshaft angles while lowering the chassis which can help avoid traction rolling on high-bite surfaces.

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