November 24, 2022

SWORKz S35-4E EC Conversion Kit

SWORKz has released a European Champion Edition Conversion Kit for its S35-4E 1:8 Electric title winning buggy.  It includes the Arched-Bridge-System which was a big step for S35-4E and the high capacity shock system that made the car go faster and be more stable. In the package we also include a new special BBS piston and oil sealing parts that the Euros team drivers tested during the race. They are made by a high Precision Plastic mold machine. Also included are specially made durable material parts for the the suspension (inserts) which our team drivers used and felt immediately more confident. These are the options included in this S35-4E ECE that Juan Carlos Canas drove to win the 2022 EFRA European Championships in Slovakia.

Source: MW RC Cars []

November 24, 2022

SWORKz Sport Cabin Bag 2.0

SWORKz Sport Cabin Bag is available again in a new SWORKz Design.  Thhe Sport Cabin Bag 2.0 is light and easy to carry. It is ideal for your 1:8 off road buggy and your buggy with the wing and tires fits into it.  The size of this cabin bag can fit as handluggage at most airlines. (You should always check you airline company rules). With a smart trolley hand bar and 2 ball bearing wheels, traveling becomes super easy.

View other angle of bag here

November 23, 2022

SWORKz ZEUS II 1:8 Pro Truck Brushless Kit

SWORKz has announced its new generation ZEUS II 1:8 Pro Truck Brushless Kit.  The ZEUS II project is the result of SWORKz passion for improvement.  Combining every detail into a more balanced and improved truck called the “ZEUS II”.  The truck incorporates many of the race-inspired features from the S35-T2E and S35-4E Pro Kits. This Truck provides precise feedback, a nimble and balance feeling that will suit drivers of all levels. The design team put their efforts into proper weight distribution for the ZEUS II EP Monster Truck. Proper weight distribution proved to be instrumental to the setup during the testing phase of the ZEUS II EP Monster Truck.  It comes standard with many high quality parts like a T7075 aluminium chassis (same S35-4E chassis hard coating process), front and rear shock towers. It also has S35-T2E Pro Kit’s 16mm BBS Racing Shocks, High Performance Crown and Pinion Gears and oil filled differentials provide traction and balance to the truck on different off-road surfaces. It uses the S35-T2e newly designed centre motor mount that makes it possible to easily change the motor or adjust the free play of the gears. The pivot ball steering system gives the driver sharp and accurate turning feedbacks.

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August 24, 2022

SWORKz S35-4 Pro-composite Arm Covers

Sworkz has released Pro-composite Carbon Arched-Bridge-System rear lower arm covers for use on their S35-4 Nitro and Electric Buggy kits. Available in 3 different thickness, 1.0/1.5/2.0 mm, they adjust the lower arm’s stiffness. The new design covers use 3mm socket screws to lock the plates which are stronger and have less arm movement.

Source: MW RC Cars []

August 11, 2022

Sworkz S35-4/e BBS Higher Capacity Shock Kit

Sworkz has introduced a new high capacity shock kit for it S35-4 1:8 Buggy. Based on the limited Elliott Boots Edition Shock Conversion Kit, the Sworkz design team have improved this further to work with the latest Arched-Bridge-System. The main changes are the S35-T2 truggy bigger shock bodies and the redesign of the shock towers to accommodate the shock length. Already tested at the European championship by Sworkz team drivers, the new shock set-up will give more stability to the suspension travel and make the car able to accept more power.

View Front shock kit

August 3, 2022

Sworkz S35-4 Arched-Bridge-System Conversion Kit

Sworkz have release this new Arched-Bridge-System. It was originally on the our S350 BK1 series arms, but they have now designed it to be changeable. The unique Arched-Bridge can be installed on or removed from the rear arms. They can be fitted to all track conditions even for the GT on road series. The conversion kit also includes new rear longer arms with a higher capacity shock system. The end result was the 2022 Euros TQ position and 3 Sworkz buggies in the A main finals.

View arm mounted to buggy here

July 13, 2022

S-Power B7TT Factory tuned .21 racing engine

SWorkz have introduced their new S-Power B7TT Factory tuned .21 racing engine. It is a long stroke engine that offers quick response at low speeds with more torque in the mid range, with consistent idling. It comes in a conventional 3-port configuration which provides smoother torque throughout the power range. The engine’s crankshaft is DLC coated and has 2 tungsten counterweights contributing to a consistent idle and quick RPM response and it also has the latest back plate with surface treatment embedded in the cover plate. This is to reduce friction against the connecting rod and to extend its life. The crankcase of the B7TT has also been redesigned with a new boost port and a new exhaust port for optimum air flow. To accompany the engine there is the latest EFRA #2155 exhaust that has been tested and carefully selected to give your B7TT engine maximum performance and run time. It comes standard with a 80mm exhaust manifold. There are also optional 75mm and 85mm manifolds also available.

View the exhaust system here

June 28, 2022

SWorkz anti-clockwise steering knuckle pivot ball

The latest SWorkz anti-clockwise steering knuckle pivot ball fits all S35, S350 & Apollo 1/8 buggies and truggies. It is easy to install and avoids the left side pivot ball from coming undone after a hard impact, crash or on long runs. It is a one-piece steel part with zero risk of breakage and is 2grams lighter than the standard part. It also comes in clockwise winds for the right side arms.

Source: MW RC Cars []