May 25, 2022

SWorkz S35/Apollo series fuel tank

For the SWorkz S35/Apollo series cars comes this fuel tank with nitro floating fuel filter system with 90 degree fuel injectors. For an easier arrangement of your nitro fuel tube lines, this new fuel tank does exactly that. The newly designed 90 degree fuel inlet is directly fitted on the tank with a floating fuel filter system.

Source: MW RC Cars []

May 12, 2022

SWorkz S12-2 aluminium front lower arm holder

From SWorkz for the S12-2 series is this aluminium front lower arm holder. For 1/10 dirt racing, you need a lighter and stronger front lower arm holder. So the new S12-2 option alloy part is the best choice for dirt conditions. This high quality CNC machined aluminium part is only 10g compared with the original which is 5.5g. Your S12-2 will be stronger and yet lighter so now you can drive faster during your race.

View the lower arm holder here

March 10, 2022

SWorkz medium & large oil bags

SWorkz have introduced two top quality bags for transporting oils for shock absorbers and differentials. Available in medium (20x17x10.5cm) and large (25x21x13.5cm), the interior of the bag is fully padded and has reinforced walls to protect all of the contents inside the bag. The bag is ideally suited for rough use in racing and the large size perfectly fits the large 130ml & 150ml silicone oils from SWorkz, while the medium size fits the medium 60ml silicone oils. A nice finishing touch is the zippers with moulded SWorkz logo for that quality feel.

View more images of the bags here

March 5, 2022

SWorkz 1/10th 2wd universal battery holder

Produced by SWorkz factory team supplier RC Carbon Cavalieri, they have designed this new universal battery holder for their 1/10th 2wd buggy. The position of the battery can be adjusted front to back to suit the track conditions and the set is delivered with large rubber o-rings to hold the pack safely in place.

Source: MW RC Cars []

February 23, 2022

SPower S6TT Buggy 3.5cc engine

The new SPower S6TT Buggy 3.5cc engine from SWorkz features a newly designed crankcase that improves internal gas flow and therefore higher performance at every range of RPM. The 14mm crankshaft with silicone insert is DLC coated in order to prevent wear of the pin as well as oxidation and the shaft works on a high quality rear ceramic Swiss-Made bearing. The 3+2 ports ‘cylinder and piston’ is made with special alloys to optimise life and reliability of the unit. Paired with the long stroke scheme the S6TT provides an improved drivability delivering more torque than previous models. The super aligned ‘knife edged’ aerodynamic conrod is also made with a special aluminium alloy. The die-casted carburettor sports the latest double bottom-end adjustment for a fine-tuning and guarantees low fuel consumption. Finally, the completely redesigned cooling head features a lower centre of gravity with the same quantity of cooling rings. SPower also offer a perfectly adapted EFRA homologated exhaust system for this engine.

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February 8, 2022

RC-Project S35-4 brass weight & delrin bushings

RC-Project have released three new items for the SWorkz S35-4 starting with this 15g front/rear weight. Made of black PVD coated brass, it fits perfectly without touching any other components and leaves the necessary space to prevent binding in the chassis. Thanks to its twin holes it can be mounted on the rear / front of the car. Next up are two different sets of delrin bushings for the brake cams and for in the Ackerman plate. The bushings offer tight tolerances to ensure a perfect coupling, eliminating play while reducing maintenance and eliminating the problem of unpleasant bearing failures.

View the other new items here