July 11, 2022

Sagami RC Fab AK12 battery stopper & rear brace

Sagami RC Fab has released two new hop-up parts for Team Bomber AK12. The first is a new battery stopper, the successor of BO-002 with enhanced functionality. It consists of an aluminium front stopper and a carbon rear stopper and gives the battery the option of 3 different positions. It can be used with both battery brace in the AK12 kit and the carbon battery brace made by SRF. The other new items is an aluminium rear brace. Machined from 7075-T6 and matte black anodised, compared to the carbon rear brace included in the kit the assembly accuracy and the rigidity of the entire motor pod are improved.

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July 5, 2022

Sagami RC Fab A12 front lower arm

Sagami RC Fab has released a new front lower arm, with a shorter wheelbase, for the Awesomatix A12. By using this lower arm the wheelbase will be shortened by 6mm, the turning ability of the car will be improved and cornering will become more agile. By revising the shape and material, the rigidity is slightly lower than the genuine Awesomatix product, so the car can follow the road surface more flexibly. There are also holes for additional servo posts, which allows the rigidity of the suspension arm to be adjusted. Finally, as there are specific mounting holes for Sanwa and KO servos you can set the optimum Ackerman for each. Servos made by other manufacturers can also be installed using two long holes. When using a knuckle arm with zero-trail, the wheelbase will be 3mm shorter than standard, so the Ackerman will also change.

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November 28, 2017

Sagami RC Fab Plazma Ra 2.0 aluminium chassis

Japanese brand Sagami RC Fab have introduced an aluminium main chassis and lower pod plate for the Kyosho Plazma Ra 2.0 1/12th scale pan car. Designed for the use in high to very high traction conditions the black anodised 2.0mm chassis and pod plate will improve steering, traction and driveabiliy and it is usable with floating servo mounts and long or short side links.

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