October 10, 2019

SRP iCharger 308/406 Duo V2 charger stand

Schaffner Racing Products have introduced their new V2 charger stand for the popular iCharger 308 and 406 Duo chargers. The all new design sits 25mm lower than its predecessor, and is easier to assemble due to its unique dual tab/slot design. It also straddles any power supply up to 87mm wide, which helps to maximise the functionality of any pit space and holds the charger at the perfect angle for viewing from the seated position. The stand is 3-D-printed, weighs in at about 56g and it is available in all black as well as black/red, black/pink, black/orange, black/green and black/blue variants.

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September 11, 2019

Schaffner Racing Products wheel well markers

Schaffner Racing Products have introduced their new touring car wheel well makers. They were designed to accurately mark the correct position for trimming the wheel wells on touring car and USGT bodies. The unique design allows to easily see the tyre’s edge as well as the centre of the axle, to verify that they are accurately placed. The markers are 3-D-printed and they come in sets of two.

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March 8, 2019

Schaffner YZ-2 series brass rear suspension mounts

Coming from Schaffner Racing Products and made for the Yokomo YZ-2 series of buggies and trucks is are brass rear suspension mounts. Made for the YZ-2 buggy and YZ-2T stadium truck is a 16g rear-rear mount that replaces the standard lightweight alloy mount for a brass hanger that adds weight and traction in certain conditions. The CNC-machined mount fits the YZ-2T, YZ-2 DTM, YZ-2 DTM2, YZ-2 DTM WC, and YZ-2 CAL 2. Also new is a special RF suspension mount for the YZ-2T truck. A direct fit the CNC-machined mount adds 8g of weight for added traction.

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March 4, 2019

Schaffner B6 series waterfall fan mount

Schaffner Racing Products have introduced a new waterfall fan mount for Team Associated B6 and B6.1 based vehicles. The 3-D-printed part was developed for stand-up transmission setups and it ensures improved motor cooling for less performance fading towards the end of a run. When using the mount, most LCG battery packs will fit to the furthest back position, however standard size shorty packs will move back to just one hole position forward, giving owners nearly full adjustability with most battery packs. The fan mount is usable for B6, B6.1, T6.1, and SC6.1 kits and it is also available in a variant for laydown and layback gearboxes.

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February 15, 2019

Schaffner B6.1 30mm side pod fan mount

Made for the Team Associated B6.1 series of buggies is Schaffner Racing Products’ 30mm side pod fan mount. 3-D-printed and available in different colours, the side pod fan mount come in two variants, for the use on the pinion side of the car or for the traditional endbell side of the chassis. The mounts are a direct fit, they utilise standard 30mm fan units and are available in black, blue or orange colour for layback or laydown transmissions.

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February 12, 2019

Schaffner Racing Products B6.1 shock tower plugs

Schaffner Racing Products have introduced their new front shock tower plugs for the Team Associated B6.1 buggies. 3-D-printed the plugs fir snuggly into the shock tower saver and prevent the unused upper shock mounting holes from clogging with dirt. Each package contains two sets of plugs to cover all standard hole positions and the plugs are available in black, blue or orange colour.

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