November 18, 2022

Shepherd ‘Ram Head’ t-shirt

Our friends at nitro onroad stalwart manufacturer Shepherd Micro Racing has given their merchandise a fresh look with a new ram head t-shirt. Made of 100% cotton, it features the Shepherd ram head on the front and the Team Shepherd World logo on the rear. The new t-shirt is available in sizes XS to 4XL.

View rear design here

November 8, 2022

Shepherd High Traction Radioplate

Shepherd have released an optional High Traction radioplate for their Velox V8.2 1:8 nitro onroad chassis.  The extra stiff radioplate is milled from premium carbon fibre and increases the stiffness at the front of the car. Especially at tracks with ultra high traction, the radioplate helps to make the car easier to drive.

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October 20, 2022

Shepherd Velox V8.2 rear suspension optionals

German nitro onroad manufacturer Team Shepherd has introduced some new options parts for the Shepherd Velox V8.2 rear suspension.  The new aluminium parts make it possible to use the eccentric inserts from the front of the car to adjust the position of the rear upper wishbone pin as needed. The upper/outer position is the same as the upper position of the standard parts while the inner ones increase the length of the upper arm.  The set comes with all necessary hardware.

View optionals fitted here

January 13, 2022

Shepherd Velox V8 Ackermann plate & bumper brace

Team Shepherd have introduced two new optional items for the Velox V8.2. The new 8mm Ackermann plate allows to fine tune the steering geometry even more. Under certain circumstances the 8mm plate gives more rotation and higher corner speed, especially in small and tight corners. The new front bumper stiffener is milled from high-quality carbon material and fits the Velox V8.2 as well as the the V8 and the E8 “4S”. Like the previous version it’s held in place with the screws of the front body mounts but it allows more flex at the front end which increases the steering slightly.

View the bumper brace here

October 18, 2021

Pirani RC Velox V8.2 3mm radio plate

Italian brand Pirani RC has designed a new radio plate suitable for Shepherd Velox V8.2 specifically for high traction conditions. The radio plate has a thickness of 3mm instead of the 2.6mm of the original version and is designed to improve the performance on high traction. The result is a more stiff radio plate that increases the corner speed of the car and make it easier to drive.

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May 7, 2021

Shepherd Velox V10 AWS 1/10th chassis

Team Shepherd have released the Velox V10 AWS nitro touring kit. The latest variant of the successful V10 platform has been developed in cooperation with team drivers and selected customers around the world to take a big variety of skill levels into account. The kit features the advanced weight system chassis plate that allows the use of sliding weights at the lowest possible point of the car. By moving the included weight forward or backward the balance of the car can be fine tuned in the pitlane with ease. The related battery mount has been updated to a carbon plate instead of the composite version that was included in the AWS set previously. In the rear end the geometry has been updated slightly by moving the lower hinge pins closer together. The camber link carbon plate has been reinforced to increase the durability and aluminium dogbones and the according wheel axles replace the CVC driveshafts and improve the overall handling. The front and rear carbon shock towers feature new shock positions allowing finer adjustments of the shock position while the updated radio plate supports made of 7075 T6 aluminium give more room for a clean wiring of the electronics. Furthermore the clutch bell has been upgraded to the light weight aluminium version and the front body mount carbon plate has been reinforced significantly as requested by many racers. The kit will be ready for shipment in a few days with the upgrade set for Velox V10 2019 owners following very soon.


March 8, 2021

Pirani RC Velox V8.2 radio tray brace

Coming from Pirani RC is this new carbon radio tray brace for the Shepherd Velox V8.2. Made in high quality carbon fibre, it comes supplied with the longer screw to fix it to the original radio plate. Mounting the brace makes the car easier to drive in high traction condition and improves cornering speed.

View the mounted brace here

February 18, 2021

Team Shepherd Snapback cap

Team Shepherd is happy to release this new high-quality Snapback cap. Coming in a classic black design it’s a must-have for every Shepherd enthusiast. Available immediately it comes in one size and can be adjusted at the rear.

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