November 16, 2021

SMART engine lapping system

SMART Workshop have released the latest product, the SMART engine lapping system in both a basic and premium version. This system offers a switchable module between the oil bath break-in method and running oil break-in method, you can select a specific module for your preference. The system is integrated with a touch panel for an easier and user-friendly operating experience. All of the parameters can be adjusted with the touch panel flawlessly and saved for your next break-in. It is not only customisable for a personal break in preference, but it also includes the parameter safety warning to ensure your parameter setting is in a ‘safe range’. For the hardware, the system had built-in sensors to detect the system is working in good conditions as always and it will be warning the user once the system detected any unusual issues.

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August 11, 2021

Smart Engine Break In Box

New from Smart Workshop, the Smart Engine Break In Box is the first propeller break-in system with all the necessary break in tools built into a compact system. A compact and professional break in tool for your engine, it includes a built-in starter, built-in display, RPM sensor, temperature controller, heater, accurate adjustable throttle linkage, built-in fuel pump, large fuel tank (500cc) and it is all operated by DC 12-14.8V.

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January 2, 2020

Smart-Workshop Smart Tire Truer

Smart-Workshop have introduced their new next generation Smart Tire Truer. The device allows to store up to six customisable profiles for different diameters, camber angles and carcass radius values with programming being carried out using a colour touch screen display. Cutting is performed using a heavy-duty cutting bit for high accuracy and a short processing time while an emergency stop button located on the side of the truer adds a handy safety feature. The truing motor and electronic board are protected by two separated fuses to make sure all the parts work in a safe environment. The Smart Tire Truer will come in an exclusive box that ensures the device is protected in the best possible way during storage and carrying.

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May 6, 2019

Smart engine break-in system

The new Smart engine brake-in system allows automated engine breaking-in for easier and faster preparation of new nitro engines. The engine will be fixed in the device whose sensors will monitor and control parameters such as RPM, temperature, load and more in order to provide a safe and convenient break-in process without having to dismantle the engine. A glow plug igniter, heater, cooling fan as well as as stater are all incorporated into the unit as is a special TDC function that prevents the system from stopping the engine on the top dead centre which can harm the piston and liner. Instead the unit will ensure the engine will be kept at the bottom dead centre before the start and after the operation, ensuring prolonged parts life. The break-in process is widely customisable in terms of RPM, temperature, load and throttle curve and it can also be monitored using an optional WiFi module and a mobile device.

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