October 27, 2022

SMC technology in 1:1 Electric Motorbike Record attempt

It is nice to see RC technology making its way into full size motor sport with IFMAR World Champion battery manufacturer SMC Racing helping the record breaking electric motorbike outfit Team Speed Hertz as they get ready for the Texas Mile event this weekend.  With teams having just 1-Mile to achieve their top speed and a shut down distance of 1/2-Mile, Speed Hertz are aiming to try and take the SMC technology and logo on the side of the bike to over 190mph and break the current 188mph record.  Marc Rheinard used SMC batteries to take his Tamiya to two of his 1:10 Touring Car World titles (2010 & 2012).

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December 6, 2017

SMC Low Rider modified motor

SMC have introduced the somewhat radical Low Rider 540-size modified brushless motor. Designed to offer maximum drivability with a linear power delivery and still tons of top end, the motor also features a minimised the outer diameter, shedding the useless can and shrinking the length as much as the rules allow to. The small package drops the weight more than 17 percent from SMC’s Totemic Modified platform. And by utilising the new diameter, the mounting holes are offset to lower the motor in the motor mount. This leads to a light motor slung way down in your chassis.

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December 21, 2016

SMC Totemic brushless stock motors

SMC have introduced their new Totemic brushless stock motors. Development focus has been on producing a solid platform that does not fade and still produces maximum output thanks to an optimised coil resistance. The Totemic family of motors include 13.5, 17.5 and 21.5 turn motors, each comes fitted with a 12.5mm rotor with the strongest magnets available. 12.3mm rotors are available for those looking for a bit more RPM. All motors come with pure copper solder tabs and collector ring, each gold plated for the best resistance and minimum oxidization. The motors are ROAR approved and available now.

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February 9, 2016

SMC Totemic competition brushless motors

SMC Totemic competition brushless motors

SMC have introduced the Totemic 2-pole 540-size sensored brushless motor. The motor’s power band has been tuned to provide a very classic brushless feel with a smooth bottom end, hearty mid range and a brutal top end. Available in 9.5T to 5.5T variants, the 9.5T, 8.5T and 7.5T motors are equipped with 12.3mm diameter rotors, which testing proved to be the best suited for 2WD applications. The 6.5T and 5.5T motors are equipped with 12.5mm diameter rotors for 4WD applications where a harder hitting bottom end can be useful. The motor design has the stator wind only displayed on the stator through the side windows, allowing the stators to be changed and easily keep track of the motor wind.

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September 25, 2015

SMC YZ-2 brass weight kits

SMC YZ-2 brass weight kits

Coming from SMC and made for the Yokomo YZ-2 2WD buggy are two brass weights in the form of front rear pivot plate and the front motor plate brace. Designed to adapt the car to lower bite conditions the brass weights will make for a less aggressive forward weight distribution by adding weight to the rear end without harming the buggy’s mid corner speed. The front rear pivot was designed to take up all the space between the transmission and the motor while still providing critical anti-squat clearance with or without the kit shim. SMC pushed the block into all the nooks and crannies they could and not simply copied the design of the standard part with this resulting in a whopping 68g or rearward weight shift. The front motor plate brace in the kit is a small aluminium L brace, but the new part filled up the space under the waterfall as much as possible. Full motor displacement is still available, as well as clearance for the rubber pad under the brace with the motor plate attachment hole is still usable too. The motor brace place weighs in at 34g and the two parts are available separately or as combo kit.

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August 19, 2014

SMC Race Formula RF-160 ESC

SMC RF-160 speed controller

SMC have introduced their new Race Formula RF-160 ESC for both modified and stock racing with the stock racing ‘blinky’ mode meeting ROAR specs and will be submitted to ROAR for approval soon. The ESC features high quality and powerful FETS, an all-aluminium case for maximum cooling, built in switch, user updatable firmware and can be programmed with the program box or a computer program. In addition to the new RF-160 ESC SMC also have a full range of silicone wire and flexible sensor cables of various lengths to support the ESC.

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March 2, 2008

Jimmy Maddison signs to SMC

Jimmy Maddison signs to SMC

2007 IIC and 2008 DHI Cup winner Jimmy Maddison from the UK has been in contact to tell us that he has signed a deal to run SMC cells for the rest of this year. The Schumacher team driver said he was very excited about the change and is looking forward to working with Danny from SMC to help develop the new Ener-G 4600 cells.

January 20, 2008

SMC 4000 & 5000 Hard case Lipos

SMC 4000 & 5000 Hard case Lipos

SMC have announced that they are releasing 2 new hardcase LiPo packs with a true 28C rate. Offering a 4000mAh and a 5000mAh pack, the 4000 pack will be thinner so it will fit in any car where a sub-c pack fits, while the 5000 pack will be thicker and will require some modifications to fit in some of the more popular sedan cars. The packs come with 12 gauge silicone wire and Deans plug to handle high current applications and have been submitted to ROAR for approval.

Source: RC Tech [rctech.net]