January 3, 2018

SOAR Seiki emulsion-style shock cap

Made for SOAR Seiki’s range of 1/8th off-road kits are new emulsion-style shock caps. They allow racers to build the shock absorbers of the 998 TD1 and TD1-R in the popular emulsion-style, something that can be beneficial in a range of track conditions.

Source: SOAR Seiki [soar-rc.com]

January 2, 2017

Dylan Gerard teams up with SOAR Racing USA

SOAR Racing USA have added Dylan Gerard to the team for 2017. Gerard, a former TLR and Serpent driver, is a very fast and popular racer from the Mid-West United States region. After a little break from racing, Gerard is ready to get back to racing with the new SOAR 998 TD1 buggy and he has the following to say:

After a short break, I am really excited to get back to racing with an opportunity to join SOAR Racing USA as they have a solid, promising platform of 1/8 cars. The quality of their products and willingness to succeed is second to none. The chance to join such a great company is truly an honor and I want to thank Gene Hickerson, Matt Sistrunk, and Didian Ho for this opportunity. I’m looking forward to a great year of racing!

Source: SOAR [soar-rc.com]

March 23, 2016

SOAR Seiki tease 988 TD1 1/8th nitro buggy

SOAR Seiki tease 988 TD1 1/8th nitro buggy

SOAR Seiki have announced the soon release of the 988 TD1 1/8th scale nitro off-road buggy. No details about the features and specifications are available yet but it is understood that the buggy will sport many refinements and improvements especially in the design and quality department. We bring you more information as soon as they surface.

Source: SOAR Seiki [soar-rc.com]