November 28, 2017

Speedmind MTC1 shock spring set

Speedmind have introduced a shock spring set exclusively for the Mugen MTC1 touring car. The 20mm springs are precision-made and matched for highest possible accuracy and included are colour-coded X-hard, hard, med-hard, medium and soft springs with the MTC1’s med-soft kit spring fitting right between Speedmind’s medium and soft offering.

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September 26, 2017

Speedmind MTC-1 screws & ceramic bearings

New from Team Speedmind come a number of option parts for the newly released Mugen MTC-1. Starting with the Speed-Light titanium screw set, it consists of 138 pieces of high strength titanium screws including M2 & M2.5 sizes. Next up is the Speed-Ceramic high speed ball bearing set made up of 23 pieces of super low friction ball bearings. Finally there is also a set of Speed-Ceramic high speed ball bearing set for MTC-1 transmission.

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October 29, 2013

Speedmind LiPo safety bag

Speedmind LiPo safety bag

New from Speedmind comes this stylish LiPo safety bag for charging and storing LiPo batteries packs. It is made from a special fire-resistant fabric and of a triple layer design for increased safety in the event of a LiPo pack catching fire due to overcharging. Large velcro straps keep the lid and the two inner lashes closed securely. The bag is printed with red and white Speedmind logos and the red lining makes for additional visual impact.

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April 3, 2013

Speed Mind V3.0 transmitter bags

Speedmind V3.0 transmitter bags

Speed Mind introduce five new ‘V3.0’ transmitter bags for intermediate and competition level Airtronics/Sanwa and Futaba radios. They are made using a special fabric that resembles a carbon fibre surface and the bags sport protective inner foams that match with the transmitter’s outlines. Several compartments make storing small parts and accessories easy. An inner pocket for the manual, outer handles and a stitched transmitter logo round up the package. Currently available are dedicated variants for the Airtronics/Sanwa M11X, M12 and MT-4, and the Futaba 4PK and 4PL.

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January 6, 2007

Speed Mind Carbon finish transmitter bag

Speed Mind Carbon finish transmitter bags

More products from Speed Mind, this time it is this carbon cloth effect transmitter carry bag. Available to suit most of the main brands of transmitter this case sports a foam insert that is cut out to hold the transmitter snuggly in place and protects it from bumps and bangs and there is also enough space for crystals and a spare receiver etc. The best thing about this bag though is the carbon effect finish on the outside, it looks really cool. The case comes with both a handle and a shoulder strap too.

UPDATE: It turns out that this product is actually quite old, but if you hadnt seen it before its new :)

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January 6, 2007

Speed Mind Touring car tire holder

Speed Mind Touring car tire holder

If you love your touring car tires, and i mean love them, and when the box they came in just wont do, get one of these touring car tire holder bags from Speed Mind. Available in 4 colours they can hold up to 4 tires of 26mm width and are closed using velcro. The end of each bag even sports a place to write down the specs of the tires contained inside.

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