August 1, 2022

SMJ machine cut brass serrated wheel nut

SMJ have released these high-precision serrated flange wheel nuts which are machined from brass material.  Weighing in at approx. 1.4 grams each, using the brass nuts as a replacement for the standard aluminium wheel nuts on 1/10 scale touring cars can help achieve higher traction.  The machined serrations bite firmly into the wheel to securely hold it in place.

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July 1, 2022

SMJ 60x45cm pit mat

SMJ have introduced their new pit mat. The perfect size (60x45cm) for an indoor circuit pit table, it is also just the right size for maintenance at home or in a hotel. Made of durable black neoprene and non-slip rubber on the back, it has just the right thickness and weight, and will not slip or shift.

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September 22, 2021

SMJ clutch assembly holder

SMJ have produced this convenient clutch holder that allows you to store a complete clutch as it has been taken from the engine. Simulating the end of the crankshaft the holder can be used to mount an entire clutch assembly from a .12 or .21 engine, keeping all the different parts and shims together. With the optional Infinity parts container you can keep your different clutches safely and conveniently stored, ready for when you need them.

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March 23, 2021

SMJ high traction hex wheel shims

SMJ have introduced these high traction hex wheel shims for onroad touring car. At 0.5mm in thickness they are placed between the wheel and the hex and come in 2 versions. The soft version is a slightly flexible material which helps generate grip in low traction conditions. The medium version helps to slightly soften the car’s reactions making the car easier to drive and more stable. The shims are the same shape as the hex which helps improve the mounting accuracy. Sold in sets of 4 pieces.

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February 24, 2021

SMJ magnetic body post marking system

SMJ have produced their own magnetic body post marking system. Like others on the market, the system comes with 4 body post mounted magnets and 4 corresponding magnets that sport a hole to allow the position to be marked. This makes the marking and cutting of body post holes that much easier and works great on pre painted bodies where it is impossible to see the post. Available in black or red anodised versions.

View images of the system in use here

February 23, 2021

SMJ ultra bearing lubricant

From Speedmaster Japan is their all new ultra bearing lubricant. This ultra low viscosity bearing oil uses SMJ’s unique formula which helps reduce the rotational resistance of the bearing. Supplied in a handy bottle with metal tip for precise application.

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January 21, 2021

SMJ IF18 stealth line of springs

SMJ have introduced their stealth line of springs for the Infinity IF18 and IF18-II. Both the front and rear springs come in three different lengths and stiffness, each offering a unique driving characteristics. These true and matched springs come in all black with the spring type etched into the spring for that clean look.

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January 20, 2021

SMJ diamond coated countersink bit

This diamond coated countersink bit from SMJ is ideal for additional machining and deburring of shallow holes in carbon chassis and other parts. The maximum diameter of the hole is 10mm while the hex shaft is a 6.35mm meaning it is suitable for most electric screwdrivers.

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