February 22, 2023

Team Zombie new concept 40mm Duct Cooling Fan

In the latest addition to its extensive offering of cooling fans, Team Zombie claims it has made a revolutionary breakthrough in the cooling concepts of it all new 40mm fan.  Traditional fan cooling is limited by not having enough fresh air within the touring car body, not enough clearance for the fan to function to its full potential and not having the shape to generates the thrust to cool the motor’s surface evenly. now Team Zombie has the breakthrough on all these cooling limitation by created a revolutionary cooling system as it vacuums fresh air from the side of the chassis to supply the fan blade to cool the motor and the shroud casing providing even cooling on the motor’s surface with 10 grams+ of thrust.

Source: Team Zombie [team-zombie.com]

November 10, 2020

Team Zombie Evo 2.5T Drag motor

Team Zombie have released a first look at a version of their Evo motor for the popular drag racing scene. This 2.5T Pro Mod motor should provide the instant power required for super fast speed runs. Based on the company’s Evo motor which features a 1-piece aluminium can that covers most of the stator, it leaves open the large alloy insulator which ensures improved overall cooling. The endbell also sports cooling openings to further improve airflow through the can.

Source: Team Zombie [team-zombie.com]

May 22, 2020

Team Zombie 30mm Hollow Evolution cooling system

Coming from Team Zombie is their new 30mm Hollow Evolution cooling system for electric touring cars. Building on the success of the 40mm system, the new 30mm variant weighs in at 13g+ and complies with ROAR regulations. Its static wind pressure reaches 10g+ to provide more cooling which will lower the motor’s operation temperatures, ensuring less power fading towards the end of a run. The motor cooler is constructed from high-quality materials and it fits most 1/10th scale competition touring cars.

Source: Team Zombie [team-zombie.com]

February 11, 2020

Team Zombie 5800mAh CoG slim LiPo battery

Team Zombie is the latest brand to introduce a slim LiPo battery pack for the use with the latest breed of mid-motor touring cars. The “Narrowism” Centre of Gravity pack uses highest quality 140C cells for exceptional power supply in both modified and stock classes and while measuring 139×37.8×24.7mm it weighs in at under 240g. Using slim style batteries will make for a more centralised weight distribution, something that can improve overall handling of mid-motor touring cars.

Source: Team Zombie [team-zombie.com]

December 16, 2019

Team Zombie Evo 540-class brushless motor

Team Zombie have introduced their new Evo 540-size brushless motor. It features a unique 1-piece aluminium can that covers most of the stator, however it leaves open the large alloy insulator which ensures improved overall cooling. The endbell also sports cooling openings to further improve airflow through the can especially when used in 4WD off-road classes. A new stator design optimised the power curve, making it more linear which is essential for a more connected throttle feeling. The motor weighs in at around 150g, making it not the lightest, however with modern mid-motor touring cars being in need of weight in around the electronics area, it allows to achieve a balanced weight bias easier. Other features include 2mm thick ultra-low resistance solder tabs as well as high-precision ball bearings. The motor will become available in popular stock windings such as 13.5T and 17.5T.

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February 4, 2019

Team Zombie Hollow Evolution motor cooling system

Team Zombie have introduced their new Hollow Evolution motor cooling system. The 40mm motor cooling fan features a dedicated duct-type housing that is part of the whole fan assembly, rather than just a computer-type can sitting in an additional case. The result are 12g of static pressure and thus exceptional cooling performance thanks to the optimised airflow design. The 6V to 8.7V compatible and dual ball-raced fan uses an injector-moulded case, it weighs in at 18.5g and complies with the latest Australian RCRA rules.

Source: Team Zombie [team-zombie.com]

June 30, 2013

Matthew Olson joins Team Zombie USA

Matthew Olson joins Team Zombie USA

Team MIP team driver Matthew Olson, winner of most Pro4 Short Course races in the USA this past year has joined Team Zombie USA. Matt will be using their newest design 7200mah Rampire series which is made to provide 10 plus minutes of run time for all of the heavy 4wd Short Course trucks on the market. We are proud to Have Matthew joining the team. Olson had this to say:

Thank you so much Team Zombie and Felix Law for the opportunity to represent Zombie Batteries for 2013 and beyond. My first outing with Zombie packs was beyond outstanding at this years ShortCourse Showdown held at Holeshot raceway were I TQ’d and Won 4×4 Short Course over Trinity driver JR Mitch! The ultra powerful 7200mah 75c 2-Cell Zombie packs held up to the Florida humidity and 7 min A-Main event. The batteries never faded and had plenty of juice left, to even finish a 10 min main if needed. Thank you again Zombie Batteries for providing me the power to top the charts.

Source: Express RC Hobbies [expressrchobbies.com]