August 6, 2008

TOP Racing Scythe ARP & CFP Series

TOP Racing Scythe ARP & AFP Series

TOP Racing have released 2 new versions of their electric touring car, the Scythe. Available as an ARP or CFP version, both come with 2.5mm thick ‘Equi-Flex’ chassis and 2.0mm thick carbon version 2 upper deck for easy spur gear maintenance as well as separate type bulkhead assembly for easy drive train maintenance. The ARP spec chassis is for use with rubber tires and comes with regular profile shock towers, ARP 2.0mm Ver. 2 upper deck and separate-type suspension mounts, while the CFP is designed for use with foam tires and has low profile shock towers, CFP 2.0mm Ver. 2 upper deck with wings for extra stiffness and also has regular one-piece suspension mounts.

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February 7, 2008

Josh Cyrul signs for T.O.P. Racing

Josh Cyrul signs for T.O.P. Racing

Tokyo hobbies Optional Parts (T.O.P.) have announced that they have signed top US racer Josh Cyrul who will be representing T.O.P. as a driver and engineer. Masato and Vincent Yip of T.O.P. Racing had the following to say:

We are extremely happy that Josh has decided to race for us. Not only is he a world class driver, but also a respected inventor and innovator. We are dedicated to making an impact in the R/C industry and we feel Josh is the right person to lead us.

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November 30, 2007

TOP Scythe ‘Carpet Flex’ kit

TOP Scythe 'Carpet Flex' kit

TOP have announced the release of a carpet conversion kit for the Scythe 190mm touring car which contains a 2.75mm thick carbon fibre ‘carpet flex’ chassis plate, with milled motor mount. Also included in the set is a 2.25mm thick carbon fibre carpet top deck, 2 sets of red alloy lower bulkhead, 2 sets of new design red alloy single sided upper bulkhead parts, 4 red alloy top deck support posts and 4 suspension pins for use with the bottom deck. Also available for the Scythe is a red anodised alloy option combo kit that includes the bulkhead cover, front and rear bulkheads, motor pod base, right side motor pod and top deck support post.

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August 28, 2007

New releases from Top Racing

Top Racing Stand

Top Racing, makers of the Scythe 190mm EP touring car, have released a number of new general and specific parts starting off with the release of this car stand. Coming in a number of different anodised colours, it works as a maintenance stand, as well as a tool stand and shock maintenance stand. Also released by Top are 2 new large (4′ x 2.5′) super soft pit towels, in black or red, and both feature the Top Racing logo embroidered in the corner. Finally are some diff. protect seals which provide maximum anti-dust protection to most electric touring differentials.

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April 12, 2007

New accessories from TOP Racing

TOP Spring storage box

Tokyo Hobbies Optional Parts (TOP), makers of the the Scythe touring car, have announced the release of 2 new accessories to their already extensive range. First up is this spring storage box, which you can see above, which has been designed to fit up to 24 touring car springs, each in their own neat and visible foam compartment. Also new from TOP is the release of a SuperCap, that comes in 2 versions, for use with 4 cell and seperately 5-6 cell applications, with both sporting a metal heatsink to keep the temperature of the capacitor down.

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March 30, 2007

Option parts for TOP Scythe

TOP Scythe Chassis

We received a mail this morning from Racing Art in Germany with lots of new parts for the TOP Scythe, a car that we mentioned briefly in the past. In the list of products was this new 3.5mm thick carbon fibre chassis plate, specifically deisgned for US carpet racing, which features machining on the the top side to lower the car while still benefiting from the stiffer chassis. Also in the mail was new low profile shock towers, also made from 3.5mm carbon fibre, as well as anodised aluminium spools, differentials, hub protectors and CVD shafts, all available in red or gold to suit your original car of choice.

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December 1, 2006

TOP Scythe Touring Car

Top Scythe Touring Car

The TOP Scythe touring car has been around for a while already, but mostly in Asia and in only small numbers in Europe and the US. Its seems like a pretty smart looking car with some nice aluminium and carbon work and it seems to work too having won this years Chinese Nationals. The car shown above is belonging to Keith Anderton who is racing it at this weekends GP Carpet World Cup event, and as you can see Keith went for the red version but it’s also available in Gold too which you can see here.

You can view more pictures of Keiths Scythe here.

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