June 12, 2018

VCD introduce new 1/12th alloy chassis

Vantomme Carbon Designs have introduced their new aluminium chassis for the CRC XTi WC and SpeedMerchand Rev8 and Rev8.5 1/12th scale pan cars. The chassis is available in a standard and floating link variant with the two being usable for the CRC car while the floating link main plate can also be used on the SpeedMerchant Rev8 and 8.5. The chassis are a couple of millimetres shorter than the original part and wider in the front compared to the stock CRC main plate, while offering three servo and three transverse battery positions. VCD also offers specifically designed rear lower pod plates both cars that are usable with either version of the chassis.

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July 4, 2008

Vantomme E12 & M10 Chassis’

Vantomme E12 & M10 Chassis’

Vantomme have released 2 new pan car chassis’, the E12 1/12th scale and the M10 1/10th scale, both of which are brand new designs with the E12 a T-bar chassis and the M10 a trailing link chassis. The E12 features a unique T-bar tweaking system that allows the tweak to be adjusted from the bottom of the car, through the use of 2 grub screws, while the rear end is available in 2 different versions, comprising of the ‘Asso damper’ style and the ‘tube damper’ style. The M10 is the first Pro 10 200mm chassis from Vantomme and has been made to compete in the resurgent Pro 10 class. Based upon the CRC Gen X10, it has been made out of 2.5mm carbon with the battery tray attached with 6 points to the chassis, which makes it also a kind of upper deck, providing increased stiffness to the chassis.

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September 21, 2007

Vantomme M12 EP chassis

Vantomme M12 EP chassis

We recieved a mail yesterday telling us about the Belgian built Vantomme M12 1/12th scale electric pan car. This car is the 2nd generation chassis, the first called the M1.1 was built in 2005 and was based on the Speed Merchant Rev4. This latest version features a number of improvements including numerous chassis cut-outs, extreme small lower motor plate for easy access motor, a sharp X shape front design and a very short chassis with an extra bumper to attach. The ‘VantommeM12’ hit the circuit for the very first time last weekend, during a ‘MRCZ Challenge race’ and finished a hard fought 3rd after qualifying 2nd.

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