September 5, 2019

Vortex Racing MP1 RX-10SR mid pulley conversion kit

Spanish company Vortex Racing has announced the soon release of their MP1 mid pulley conversion kit for the Destiny RX-10SR 4WD touring car kit. Using the conversion will provide a car that is very easy to drive, that is more consistent, and that carries more speed through the corner, all while offering equal traction front and rear which is helpful especially when running modified motors. The designs focused on the overall flex of the symmetrical chassis and top deck, giving multiple options for different track conditions. The main chassis also accepts both standard and shorty-sized packs only by moving the battery mounts. The conversion utilises a small one-side mono-block motor mount with separate pulley shaft to make it lightweight while allowing to keep the motor close to the centre line. Also, in case a pulley bearing fails and damages the shaft, there is no need to replace the hole motor mount. In addition the servo mount was designed to provide options for weight balancing the car by moving the servo back/forth and left/right. The front and rear chassis stiffeners also allow control the overall chassis flex. The conversion kit is available for pre-order now by emailing Vortex Racing at

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June 14, 2019

Vortex Racing Ultimate ultra light-weight screw kits

Coming from Vortex Racing are three Ultimate ultra light-weight screw kits for the ARC R11 2019, Destiny RX-10SR and Xray T4’19 touring cars. The kits contain of high-quality 7075-T6 aluminium screw for the upper parts of the chassis as well as titanium fasteners for the bottom area, ensuring an exceptional weight reduction and stability compared to the standard steel screws. Also included are double secured aluminium M4 wheel nuts as well as aluminium M3 lock nuts if required by the vehicle. Both the ARC and Destiny-related kits include black-anodised aluminium hardware while the Xray-specific set includes orange anodised alloy screws. All three screw sets come in reusable boxes that can be used for storing small parts, electronics or spares. Manuals with detailed information on the screw sets can be found of Vortex Racing’s social media page here.

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June 12, 2019

Vortex Racing Aeris 30mm fan duct

Coming from Vortex Racing is their new Aeris fan duct for common 30mm fan units. The duct has been optimised to keeping the motor as cool as possible for increased overall performance and less fading towards the end of a run. While cold air is forced through the fan and duct, a specially-shaped air vent helps hot air to escape which further increases cooling performance. Two recessed sections on the sides allow for easy fan insertion and removal. The duct is made of high-tech resin for exceptional durability and less changes or cracking.

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