May 6, 2020

MonacoRC USB to RC receiver adapter

MonacoRC’s new USB to RC receiver adapter connects a model car radio system to a MS Windows-based PC, allowing to use RC car simulators such as VRC Pro with your own radio gear. Due to the design the device does not need any drivers, making it a plug & play. It works with every transmitter and receiver and simulates the ESC and steering servo. It also supports all the functions of the transmitter such as servo speed, curve and more. All that is needed to get it running is a free USB port on the computer, a MS Windows-based PC or an Apple Mac running Parallel or BootCamp and Windows. The adapter is available with a blue or red case from now on.

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March 30, 2020

VSR Products Unicorn VRC Pro adapter

VSR Products have introduced a new adapter that allows to use the popular VRC Pro software using any 4-channel 2.4GHz receiver. With the current Corona pandemic tracks have been forced to close and people need to stay at home as much as possible meaning racers are looking for alternatives to getting some laps under their belts. This is where the old and trusted VRC Pro RC racing simulator kicks in. VSR Products Unicorn PC adapter supports 4-channel operation which means owners can setup marshalling, refuelling and other functions with the buttons on the radio and do not have to touch the keyboard. In addition the adapter offers higher frame rates and lower latency compared to the original VRC adapter. Not included are the needed receiver and Micro USB cable.

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November 12, 2019

2019 VRC-Pro Modified class Worlds – Announcement

VRC Racing have announced the 2019 VRC-Pro Modified class World Championships will be held this coming December. During three weeks of action-packed virtual RC racing this year’s worlds will see Nitro and Electric, On-road and Off-road racing as well as everything in between with Rally-X and also Nitro and Electric NASCAR Truck oval racing.

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June 3, 2019

2019 VRC Spec Class Worlds – Announcement

This June will see the running of the Spec Class VRC Worlds in various Nitro and Electric, On-road and Off-road categories. The fun kicks off on the 5th of June with Nitro Sedans, 1/12th scale Sports Cars and Rally X. All Spec classes are part of VRC’s free2play package – all that is needed is the respective track. The full schedule can be found after the break or on the official VRC website here.

Find a list of all Spec Worlds events here

November 3, 2017

Virtual RC introduce new GT3 class

Virtual RC have announced the soon release of the new GT3 class for the VRC Pro RC car simulator. The class is based on the 1/8th nitro vehicles but the chassis sport front and rear differentials, front and rear brakes and a slightly less powerful .21 engine as well as super soft rubber tyres, which results in totally different driving characteristics. The GT3 class will be rolled out in the middle of November with the very first event being the 2017 VRC Worlds starting November 2nd.

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October 13, 2017

VRC Pro Winter Season – Preview

In their latest column VRC Pro report about their forthcoming 1/8th scale GT3 class, their new bump-up finals race format and the upcoming VRC Worlds. Starting with the GT3 class, the vehicles use front and rear differentials and rubber tyres to create a different driving experience at about 90 percent of the performance level of the 1/8 nitro sportscar class. This new class should be easy and fun to drive and therefore will have very limited setup options. VRC expect to see some very exciting and close racing in this new class. Release is planned for the 2017 VRC Worlds starting middle of November 2017.

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May 31, 2017

BarcoOff track added to VRC Pro

VRC have announced the launch of the Italian BarcoOff track, home of the Euro Contest, for the VRC Pro RC car simulator software. Included is the 310m long 2014 layout that is ideal for 1/8th Nitro and Electric Buggies as well as Short Course Trucks. As with most VRC tracks, the track has been optimised to be raced in both directions and with this latest addition the number of full-size off-road tracks has now reached 18. The BarcoOff track will be released on June 1st and will be available to all VRC members with an All-inclusive membership. Free2Play members can obtain the track in-game with vEuros which can be purchased in the eshop. More impressions of the track can be found here.

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January 3, 2017

Warren Jones takes VRC Worlds Spec E-buggy title

The recent VRC Worlds event saw Warren Jones capturing his first title in the 1/8th E-buggy spec class. Held at RC Tracks of Las Vegas the race did not saw a flawless run from Warren but he had the speed to make up some lost ground to fight himself back into the lead just before the finish line. Peter Knight (GB) and IFMAR and VRC World Champion, David Ronnefalk from Sweden battled it out for the remaining podium spots with Peter slipping past David just before the finish line to claim the runner-up spot just a tenth ahead of David.

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