July 31, 2019

VS Racing VSR03-EV2 .21 nitro on-road engine

Coming from World Champion Products is the VS Racing VSR03-EV2 3.5cc nitro on-road engine. Based on the O.S. Speed R2103 the super-long stroke engine is developed for high-class competition use and it features a 7-port design, CNC-machined piston and a 14mm “Rody” modified and DLC-coated crankshaft. New to the EV2 variant are optimised modifications to the crankshaft as well as a new combustion camber insert with a silicone O-ring that ensures a cleaner area between the cooling head and the crankcase. The engine is available separately or as combo set including VS2098 or VS2069 exhausts.

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May 27, 2019

VSR04 3.5cc nitro on-road engine

Rody Roem’s World Champion Products has introduced the new VSR04 3.5cc nitro on-road engine. The new and exclusive super long stroke .21 power plant is based on the popular O.S. Speed R2102 and features some additional “Rody” touches, such as the DLC-coated VS Bi-turbo crankshaft, the Euro Spec liner and piston and an O-ring protected combustion camber insert. The engine is designed for competition on-road racing and thus ideally suited for experienced users. The engine is available separately or including a VS2098/M2001 exhaust system.

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June 6, 2018

VSB02 .21 buggy nitro engine

World Champion Products have introduced the new VSB02 3.5cc nitro buggy engine. The power plant builds on the proven VSB01 and features a DLC-coated crankshaft, a new 5-port sleeve, and an optimised combustion camber, all designed by Rody Roem. Part of specifications are also modifications to the inner crankcase and an updated cooling head. The result is a more agile engine that is still easy to drive. In combination with the balanced bi-turbo crankshaft the engine is also very economic while delivering a wide power range.

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November 10, 2017

Victosport VSR03 3.5cc nitro on-road engine

World Champion Products have introduced their new Victosport VSR03 3.5cc nitro on-road engine. Compared to the VSR02 the VSR03 has a different crankshaft timing, closing 5 degree earlier, which improves low end torque and also fuel efficiency. Also some extra work was carried out on the inlet of the crankshaft to create less turbulences while on the sleeve, the shape of the exhaust ports has been changed to make maximum use of the updated crankshaft timing. The engine is available now.

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July 28, 2017

VS Racing VSB01-DLC limited edition off-road engine

VS Racing have introduced their limited edition VSB01-DLC 3.5cc nitro off-road engine. The long stroke power plant is based off of the VSB01 and received a diamond-like DLC coating for the crankshaft in order to reduce internal friction and increase the life span of the crankshaft pin. Also included is a VS Spec combustion camber insert and the engine is limited to 50 pieces world wide.


February 14, 2017

World Champion Products welcome Billy Easton

World Champion Products have announced the addition of veteran US racer, Billy Easton to their team. The Serpent designer and factory team driver will use the VS Racing buggy engines and tuned pipes in his 2017 1/8th nitro off-road campaign.

Source: World Champion Products [worldchampionproducts.com]

September 21, 2016

VS Racing VS-B01 .21 nitro off-road engine

VS Racing VS-B01 .21 nitro off-road engine

VS Racing, the new brand of engine master Rody Roem, have introduced the O.S. based VS-B01 3.5cc off-road engine. It is understood that the power plant builds on O.S. Engines’s B2101 engine and it features a long-stroke design and a Rody Roem-tuned and a Tungsten-balanced 14mm crankshaft. Furthermore the 3-port engine utilises a VS spec carburettor with 6.5mm venturi, a VS spec combustion camber insert and comes with high-quality high-speed ball bearings front and rear. The specifications list is topped off by a 60mm 10-rib cooling head.

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April 4, 2016

VS Racing 2102R .21 onroad engine

VS Racing 2102R .21 onroad engine

Former 1/8th onroad World Champion Rody Roem is making a move back into the onroad market with his VS Racing brand and the release of this 2102R super long stroke .21 on-road engine. Based on the very powerful O.S. Speed R2101, this is a combination of the world famous OS Max precision and technology together with some additional ‘Rody’ touches and development. Equipped with a VS Spec combustion chamber, The VS Racing 2102R is a high end competition engine intended for experienced users.

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