April 28, 2023

Wallace Motorsports ‘Hall of Fame’ O.S. Speed T12

In it’s latest collaboration between O.S. Speed and SMJ, Wallace Motorsports has produced this ‘Hall of Fame’ Edition T1204.  Based off of the super successful O.S. T1204 engine, it gives customers the option to purchase a ‘Hall of Fame’ .12 engine or .21 engine.  The T1204 has more torque in the low-middle range with better performance.  Two tungsten weights are embedded in the counterweight of the newly designed crankshaft, which helps performance in the middle range.  The cooling head with wider fin pitch improves cooling efficiency.

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December 22, 2022

Wallace Motorsports ‘Hall of Fame’ O.S. Speed R21

Wallace Motorsports in conjunction with SMJ and O.S. Speed have developed a limited edition, Wallace Motorsports Hall of Fame R21 to commemorate Ben Wallace, as the first undrafted player to be inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame.  This engine is based off of the new Speed R21 Euro II which is intended for 1:8 on-road cars.  The Euro Spec engine is known for its power and ease of tuning and the Euro Spec II has improved this.  The new R21 Euro Spec II crankshaft has been revised with tungsten weights increasing the overall power and efficiency.  The newly designed crankshaft has created a smoother powerband from mid to high RPM. The new cooling head can withstand high temperatures allowing for increased performance.

Source: Wallace Motorsports [wallacemotorsports.net]

January 21, 2021

Wallace Motorsports sign DJ Apolaro

Wallace Motorsports is excited to add, back-to-back 1/8 ROAR National Champion, 2-time Sedan ROAR Champion, and all around top American Nitro onroad talent, DJ Apolaro to the team. DJ was already using Hot Race Tyres with great results but now will be piloting Infinity cars, with Ielasi Tuned engines and PowerHD servos. DJ had this to say:

I am extremely excited to be a part of the Wallace Motorsports Team! I have seen this team continuously grow over the recent years and they already have a strong group of racers. I am fortunate to be a part of that and cannot wait to get started. They have all the high-end racing products any racer could want. Infinity, Hot Race Tires, Ielasi Motors and Power HD servos are just a few of the product lines they have, and I will be using them all moving forward. I am ready for the next chapter in my racing and want to thank Ben Wallace and team for making all this happen. See you at the track and cannot wait to help the team and customers in any way I can.

Source: Wallace Motorsports [wallacemotorsports.net]