July 19, 2021

WellRC WellCut Nitro TC fueling hole template

Introducing a must-have tool for Nitro onroad racers, the WellRC WellCut Nitro TC fueling hole template. Four outer gripping surfaces ensure the WellCut stays put when in use and the included holes can be marked for easy alignment once you’ve found the perfect position. Made from a flexible material to easily contour to any body for repeatable results every time they come available in 50mm (EFRA) and 60mm (ROAR) sizes.

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May 3, 2021

WellRC Racing WellProtected front bumper support

WellRC Racing present their WellProtected front bumper support for the Capricorn C04, Mugen MTX7 & Serpent 750. Created to prevent front body flex on nitro cars, these front bumper supports absorb most of the impact from front collisions resulting in far less damage to the car and body. An added handling benefit confirmed by team drivers is increased stability and predictability which allowed them to confidently push their cars harder, especially at high-speed where stability is incredibly important. Made from durable and flexible material with honeycomb design, they will always return to their original shape even after hard impacts.

View the two other bumper supports here

January 10, 2020

WellRC Racing WellCut lower cut line tool

The WellRC Racing WellCut on-road lower cut line tool makes quick work of marking accurate lower cut lines on the front and sides of on-road body shells. The 3-D-printed tool uses a standard, but not included Sharpie marker and positions in 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, and 9mm heights are clearly identified at the top of the gauge. To use the tool, insert the marker, select the desired height setting and run the marker along the lower cutting line of the mounted body. The cut line is now clearly marked and allows for the most accurate cutting.

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December 23, 2019

WellRC WellCut wheel arch templates

Coming from WellRC are the WellCut wheel arch cutting templates for 1/10th and 1/8th scale vehicles. Available as 62mm and 64mm variants for the front and rear of nitro touring cars and also as 65mm electric touring and 99mm 1/8th GT variants, the cutting templates help to create perfect wheel wells. The templates are positioned on the outside of the body shell and the cutting line is marked using a sharpie marker. The result are perfectly round wheel wells of just the right size.

Source: WellRC [wellrcracing.com]

November 16, 2019

WellRC WellCut body post & exhaust stinger marker

WellRC have introduced two new WellCut products that help to make preparing on-road body shells a lot easier. First up is the WellCut for 1/8th scale body shells, a system that helps to locate the body posts when prepping already painted body shells. Place the WellCuts over the front body posts with the magnets facing the rear of the car and secure them with two body clips. After using the WellCut template to cut out the rear of the car, set the body on the car and drop the front two outer magnets into place. The super strong magnets will immediately centre themselves. Use a fine tip black permanent marker to mark the centres of the magnets. Remove the body and cut the two holes with a body reamer and you’re set. Available in two sizes to fit 7 and 8mm diameter front posts.

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September 27, 2019

WellRC Racing body cut template & starter box plate

A new brand is coming out of SoCal, WellRC Racing by nitro guru Walter Diaz. The first products are body cut templates and starter box plates. Starting with the WellCut templates, they were designed to take the hassle out of mounting ProtoForm R18, R19 and P909 bodies. They are placed on top of the body and accurately trace the cut lines for engine, air filter, fuel tank, roll bar, top end needle, and rear body post holes. Made from high quality ABS plastic for long life, the templates are available for Mugen, Serpent and Xray cars.

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