January 16, 2023

West Coast RC Works Motor Cooling Shroud

West Coast R/C Works has released the 30mm and 40mm Motor Cooling Shroud Pro, which are updated versions of their Fan Shroud Cooling Series for 30mm and 40mm fans respectively.  These fan shrouds sport an overhauled air flow design to optimise motor cooling. The fan mounting has been updated with m3 threaded brass inserts, which provide a hard-to-strip thread in this 3D printed part.

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August 13, 2019

West Coast R/C Works 30mm fan shroud front

West Coast R/C Works have announced the release of their new 30mm fan shroud “front”. The specially designed touring car shroud allows to mount a cooling fan in front of the speed controller with the shroud directing the air over the speed controller towards the motor, allowing to scrap the ESC can for less weight and power consumption. The design is usable for both modified and stock indoor racing and it is usable with standard 30mm fan units.

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August 12, 2019

West Coast R/C Works 2WD fan shrouds

West Coast R/C Works have announced new additions to their popular fan shroud line in the form of dedicated 2WD buggy fan shrouds. Developed using customer feedback, the newly developed shrouds make maximum use of the tight space available in mid motor 2WD buggies and trucks with three different variants being available. The 2WD buggy fan shroud was designed for the weight conscious Stock racer while the 2WD buggy fan shroud long provides extra cooling for Modified and Stock classes. The third option is the directed fan shroud that provides the most cooling due to the cooling of the front and end bell. The standard and long versions should be installed behind the motor and trimming of the side guard may be required while the directed shroud should be installed on top of the battery.

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May 20, 2019

West Coast R/C Works pan car servo setup system V2

West Coast R/C Works have introduced their new pan car servo setup system V2. The updated tool was designed based on customer requests and suggestions throughout last year. The outcome of this is the V2 which is machined from 6061 aluminium and hard anodised in black. The V2 will now withstand the hardest use cases. The mounting hole is now M3 threaded which makes mounting it to the car much easier. Usually the servo position and angle of the servo horn or servo safer are set with the eye balling method. This method usually results in inaccurate servo positions and servo horn angle. The new tool is designed to counter this problem and introduce a high repeatability of the servo setup process of today’s RC cars. The setup system is composed of two pan car servo centering tools and one servo straight edge V2. The set contains all necessary parts to install the servo in the center and the desired angle on 1/10th and 1/12th scale pan cars. It fits most chassis with a front end hole spacing of 15mm to 40mm.

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March 26, 2019

West Coast R/C Works fan shrouds

West Coast R/C Works have released their new line of fan shrouds for standard 30mm cooling fans and the WTF Windy. Available in two different designs, open and the directed flow, both designs will improve the motor temperatures significantly over a fan only scenario. However they differ in the way how they channel the airflow to the motor. The open flow channels the airflow to the whole motor can and therefore suits the more closed can design of previous motor generations, while the directed flow channels the air directly to the coils of the latest motors where the majority of the can has been removed. Compatible with most touring cars on the market, they are made out of carbon fibre infused nylon.

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May 24, 2018

West Coast R/C Works 12R6 servo mounting plates

The newest addition to West Coast R/C Works’ Black Carpet Edition line of option parts are the long awaited Team Associated 12R6 servo mounting plates. The parts are designed to replaces the original plate and the bolt pattern ensures that the servo is mounted correctly on the chassis. The plate is machined from 3mm carbon fibre to withstand the hardest racing conditions and it is available with bold patterns to directly mount Futaba’s 9650/9670 and BLS671SV/ BLS671SVi, Sanwa’s SRG-HR/HS and KO Propo’s RSx12 1/12th scale servos.

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October 26, 2017

West Coast R/C Works pan car body support V2

Coming from West Coast R/C Works’ Black Carpet Edition range of option parts is the pan car body support V2. The version 2 has the same benefits as the original support and is made out of 1mm high strength polycarbonate. The change improves the rigidity and stability compared to the 3-D-printed version after customers requested a lighter and more durable design. The body support reduces the body scrub on high traction carpet and allows to mount the body lower than without the support. The pan car body support is available in two versions made out of 1mm polycarbonate – a 35-degree variant for low angled nose body such as the AMR and 60-degree version for short nose bodies like the BMR.

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September 11, 2017

West Coast R/C Works BCE 1/12th body support

Coming from West Coast R/C Works is their new Black Carpet Edition front body support for most 1/12th scale pan car kits. The part was designed to prevent body scrub of 1/12th pan cars in high speed corners and on the straightway an issue that is generated by the air going over the body and bending the nose down until it touches the surface. The outcome of this is a reduced top and corner speed, and it even can lift the front wheels off the track. This is where the body support kicks in as it is designed to tackle this problem by supporting the nose of the body. It will reduce the body scrub to a bare minimum and allows to mount the body lower as before. The 1/12 body support is available in two versions, as 35 degree or 60 degree variant, and 3-D-printed from nylon. In 35-degree and 60-degree. The 35-degree version is designed for a body with a low angled nose like the AMR and the 60-degree version is made to support a body with a short nose like the BMR. The part is available in black and white from West Coast R/C Works’ Shapeways store and selected dealerships.

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