September 1, 2017

West Coast R/C Works X12 servo & upper pod plates

The newest addition to West Coast R/C Works’ Black Carpet Edition line of parts are the servo mounting plates and short upper pod plate for the Xray X12 pan car. Starting with the servo mounting plates, these are designed to replaces the original parts and the bolt pattern of the plates ensure that the servo is mounted correctly on the chassis. The BCE plates are an addition to the already existing line of X12 servo mounting plates and the difference between the existing and the BCE version is that the new version has eleven shock mounting positions instead of only four on the original part. The additional shock mounting positions allow the shock to be moved further back on the chassis and it also allows use shocks from other manufacturers. The servo mounting plate is available with bold patterns to directly mount the Futaba 9650/9670, Futaba BLS671SV/ BLS671SVi or Sanwa SRG-HR/HS servos.

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August 19, 2017

West Coast R/C Works Rapide P12 servo mounting plates

Coming from West Coast R/C Works are Black Carpet Edition series carbon fibre servo mounting plates for the Roche Rapide P12 1/12th scale pan car. The first in a line of dedicated option parts, that are specially aimed at racing on the new generation of high-grip carpets such as the CRC black carpet and the gray and ETS floors, the mounting plates are designed to replace the original part and the bolt pattern ensures that the servo is mounted correctly and reliable on the chassis. The servo mounting plates are made from 3mm carbon fibre, they work on both high and low-grip surfaces and are available with bold patterns to directly mount the Futaba S9650/S9670, Futaba BLS671SV/BLS671SVi and Sanwa SRG-HR/HS.

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July 6, 2017

West Coast R/C Works BD8 CF steering brace

Coming from West Coast R/C Works is a new carbon fibre steering brace for the Yokomo BD8 touring car. The part improves the steering response and accuracy in medium to high grip conditions which is achieved by connecting the bell crank steering posts and decreasing the flex inside the steering system. The brace, machined from 2.5mm carbon fibre, is designed to allow the installation of an optional standoff to connect the steering brace with the upper deck. This will result in even less flex and a more aggressive steering feel while the integrated 8mm steering throw limiter will decrease the scrubbing of speed in high speed corners.

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June 14, 2017

West Coast R/C Works servo setup tools

West Coast R/C Works have announced their new product line of servo setup tools for touring and pan cars. The tools are designed to offer much greater accuracy when aligning the car’s servo horn or servo saver compared to the standard “eye balling” method. The 1/8 and 1/10 servo straight edge and pan car servo straight edge tools work together with a protractor or other measuring tools to set the correct servo trim resulting in an increased repeatability of this process. Drivers can also prepare several servos for one R/C car to be used during fast repairs at big events without having to worry that the servo trim needs to be reset. The pan car servo setup system is composed of two pan car servo centring tools and one servo straight edge. The servo setup system contains all necessary parts to install the servo in the centre and set the desired angle, which improves the repeatability of this process.

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March 30, 2017

West Coast R/C Works X12 servo mounting plates

West Coast R/C Works have introduced their new servo mounting plates for the Xray X12’15 and newer. The plate is available in two versions, one is compatible with the Futaba S9650/S9670 and the other with Sanwa SRG-HR/HS servos. The servo mounting plates are designed as a direct replacement of the original part. The mounting holes of the servo will align the servo spline in the middle of the chassis. This will result in a faster servo positioning during the build and a more precise, and consistent setup. Furthermore, the servo will not move during a race and this will lead to a more consistent feeling and lower the risk of a DNF.

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