September 18, 2012

Wilck Racing Products strong racing glue

Wilck Racing Products have introduced this specifically developed ’strong racing glue’. It features a thin viscosity, staying liquid for about 5-7 seconds before drying, when it will permanently bond your tires and wheels with little or no clean up needed after.

Source: Wilck&Andersson []

September 13, 2012

Wilck Racing Products diff & shock-oils

Wilck Racing Products is widening its brand with top of the line differential and Shock-oil. The Oil has been tested through out the year and been run by drivers at the World Championship in Holland with great success. Designed to be used in both 1/10 on and off-road racing and as well in 1/8 off-road it comes in a wide range of weights from 250 to 950 for shocks and 1500 to 7000 for diffs.

Source: Wilck&Andersson []