September 9, 2020

XactRC Affix CA premium tire glue

XactRC’s new Affix CA premium tire glue was developed and tested for today’s new rubber tires to bond quickly with the best adhesion. Available in a single 20g bottle or two 10g bottles with one of the new black tip (steel) and pink tip (plastic) included with each package. Also available separately, XactRC’s black and pink tips compliment the glue bottles perfectly to give you more control during application. Each package includes 10 pieces for extra value.

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July 4, 2016

X-Act Pro 8 Italia .21 8-port nitro engine

X-Act Pro 8 Italia .21 8-port nitro engine

X-Act have introduced their all-new Pro 8 Italia 8-port .21 nitro off-road engine. Built by Novarossi using high-quality components and specced to X-Acts needs, the 8-port piston and liner engine will provide high power output all the way from bottom end to top end with impressive maximum RPM. Allied with a typical Novarossi 24069 carburettor this makes for a very easy to live with power plant that will work well on a variety of tracks in both buggy and truggy classes.

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February 3, 2015

X-Act Pro 5 .21 5-port nitro engine

X-Act Pro 5 .21 5-port nitro engine

New from X-Act is the Pro 5 3.5cc nitro buggy engine. The Pro 5 uses the same high quality carburettor as the Sportive but offers enhanced power thanks to a new crankcase and a 5-port piston and liner set with lightened piston for higher RPM. Greater internal porting enhances fuel flow and the engine also comes with a coated crankshaft. To top it all off the Pro 5 comes with a lightweight, drilled, CNC machined head as well and a turbo plug combustion camber insert. All piston and liner sets are hand matched and offer a tight initial fit but long life after the run in process and all engines from the range are hand assembled in the UK to ensure correct fitment and parts quality verification.

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