February 26, 2021

XactRC Affix V2 premium tire glue

XactRC’s new Affix V2 premium tire glue was tested for months and scrutinised to ensure it met expectations. Having to evolve their previous glue as new tire compounds evolved, the result sees the tires bonding strongly with elasticity and the best adhesion for all tires currently on the market. This includes natural rubbers to high synthetic silicone rubber tires. Available in one 20g bottle or two 10g bottles and each package includes one black tip (steel) and one pink tip (plastic).

Source: XactRC [xactrc.com]

January 6, 2021

XactRC small parts cases

From XactRC is this 28 compartment small parts case box which contains 7 smaller containers. Each of the 7 smaller containers has 4 individual compartments. Each compartment comes with a label to go over the lid to help you better organise your parts. Each compartment has the approximate dimensions of Length 24mm, Width 20.5mm, Height 21mm. The transparent XactRC triangle sticker allows you to still see into the box to find your items. Great way to keep your suspension pills, screws, and washers organised. Also available in a 56 compartment version, it is similar to the 28 but includes 14 smaller containers with the same size.

View the larger case here

December 15, 2020

XactRC IRx 5mm bullet & 12 gauge wire

From XactRC come some wiring products including these IRx 5mm bullet connectors. Featuring a low profile top with a recess for soldering your wires to keep the wire low, it also helps prevent it from hitting the inside of the body. These solid connectors are gold plated for low resistance, high current/voltage using 6 prongs to keep efficient contact with your batteries. Includes two IRx 5mm bullets, one red shrink tube, and one XactRC shrink tube in black. Also from XactRC is this IRx black 12 gauge very flexible silicon wire, made from the highest quality materials to ensure you get the best connection with the least amount of resistance. Made with 680 strands of tin-plated copper wire, each with a diameter of 0.08mm to ensure less degradation of your wire compared to a bare copper wire stands. Offered in 3-foot or 25-foot lengths.

View the silicon wire here

December 11, 2020

XactRC IRx charge leads

XactRC’s new IRx charge lead is a 2-foot long 2S charge lead that is a must for those looking for low IR’s when charging. Using the highest quality bullets & plugs and high strand tinned copper wire that has the best performance over time compared to a bare copper wire that will degrade, it features a very flexible silicone tubing over the wire, black XH balance plug and a waterproof shrink wrapped balance plug for increased strength when plugging into your battery. It has been finished off with a black nylon mesh for each wire and centre of the lead which is finished off with their printed XactRC logo to hold it together. A great product to help you get the edge out of your batteries and will last to rigorous charging cycles. Available in two versions, one with 5mm & 4mm bullet connectors and one with 5mm bullets & XT60 plug.

View the bullet only version here

July 31, 2020

XactRC Exactness aluminium ball stud washers

XactRC’s new Exactness aluminium ball stud washers offer precise measurement to raise and lower the ball studs of most 1/10th and 1/12th scale vehicles. Available in four different sizes of 0.25mm, 0.5mm, 1.0mm, and 2.0mm as well as seven different colors including black, blue, gold, green, gun metal, orange, and red, they come as 12-pieces packages. XactRC also offer sets for each color with four pieces of each size in 0.5mm, 1.0mm, and 2.0mm for a total of 12 pieces per bag.

Source: XactRC [xactrc.com]

May 22, 2020

XactRC OGIO travel bag inner box sets

Coming from XactRC are inner box sets for the popular OGIO travel bag. The four and five-box sets to go along with the original three-box set for the OGIO travel bags. Made from the same 3mm corrugated plastic as the three-box set for durability and reliability while traveling to club races or overseas. The new sets are oriented in a vertical direction to fully utilise the width of the bag right at the taper along with depth up to the zipper line. With this design, there is still room above the zipper line and taper line to store additional products and items.

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December 24, 2019

XactRC Traction Juice Bottles

Coming from XactRC are their new traction compound bottles that can be filled with your choice of traction juice. The ergonomics of the 4oz bottle is just the right size for small or large hands and the translucent material allows for easy checking of how much sauce is remaining, its cleanliness or type of solution. The bottle is available with two replaceable tips. First is the replaceable brush tip that is specifically designed for off-road use. With the brush tip, drovers no longer have to use both a sauce bottle to apply then use a separate brush to apply. This is ideal for those who are tired of having their hands dirty from different tyre sauces and chemicals. Second is the replaceable sponge tip that is ideal for on-road racers, or anyone using slicks or very low pin tyres. The triangle shape of the sponge allows for applying the sauce in a controlled manner and in a straight line on the tyre and not the sidewalls. The tips are also available separately.

View the on-road tyre sauce bottle here

August 23, 2019

XactRC 3-box set for Ogio 9800

Presenting XactRC, a new company from Robert Morris (KO & Ulti America) and Danny Stojakovic (WCRC) with a focus on making life easier for the RC racer and RC traveler, without breaking the bank. The first project which took 6 months to develop is this ‘3 Box Set’ for the Ogio Rig 9800 series bag. Designed to fit and provide the maximum use of space for organized travel, they have been made from heavy duty 3mm corrugated plastic. The box structure offers durability at the lightest weight possible and each box also includes handles for easy removal and loading into your bag. The smaller box (12x8x3in) sits in between the wheel carrier covers and sit practically flush with them once installed, while the two larger boxes (15x9x6in/ea) give you the most room to organize and place your RC equipment. Utilizing the full width of the bag just before the taper, and to the depth up to the zipper line, there is still room above the zipper line to store your smaller/softer items between the boxes and the bag cover.

View the box set here