October 7, 2019

Xenon Racing new style 1/12th scale front suspension

Xenon Racing in cooperation with UK company Zen Racing and 3-times IFMAR 1/12th scale World Champion, David Spashett have developed a new style front suspension system for 1/12th scale pan cars. The simplified design features moulded composite lower and upper arms with the latter being of a single piece design, doing away with the conventional upper wishbone, ball cup and camber link in favour of a rigid construction that uses eight different inserts to achieve the desired combination of wheel camber and caster. A total of 16 combinations, from 0.5 degree to 2.0 degree of camber and 3.0 degree to 6.0 degree of caster are accessible, allowing for a huge amount of control over the suspension geometry without the need for expensive setup tools. In addition the design is also a lot simpler while adding rigidity to the front end. Available are a 8/32 inch front end for RC12L compatible cars with an 3mm metric kit also being available for RC12R5 series cars.

View the two front end kits here

July 30, 2018

Xenon VSS rod ends & α-coat rod end balls

Coming soon from Xenon Racing are their new VSS 4.3mm and 4.8mm rod ends as well as their α-coat rod end balls. Starting with the ball cups, the items use the same technology as Xenon’s 1/12th scale front end parts which will give ultra-smooth movement without play while also giving exceptional durability. The α-coat rod end balls are machined from lightweight material and they sport the same coating as Xenon’s PR series pinion gears for reduced friction and greater durability. The 4.3mm rod end balls are available in 11.8mm and 12.7mm length while the 4.8mm balls come in 11.8mm length only. All ball ends come in 4-piece packs, or as complete sets including four suitable VSS ball cups. The 4.3mm and 4.8mm ball cups are also available separately as 4-piece packages.

View the ball cup and rod end ball set here

June 13, 2018

Xenon VSS EX 64 pitch touring & pan car spur gears

Xenon have announced the release of their full line of VSS EX 64 pitch electric touring and pan car super gears. They are considered to be the world’s smallest moulded main gears and they are available in 68T to 87T specification. Due to their design the gears are usable for touring and pan cars alike and they come moulded from a tough yet silent white composite material.

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January 29, 2018

Xenon VSS EX 64 pitch spur gears coming soon

Xenon Racing have introduced their forthcoming VSS EX range of 64 pitch spur gears. They are of a special design that allows to use them with 1/10th touring cars and also with 1/12th pan cars in combination with 1/8” diff balls. The gears are available in 68T to 73T specification with larger 74T to 87T gears coming at a later stage.

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September 7, 2017

Xenon Racing white VSS S3M touring car drivetrain belts

Coming from Xenon Racing are new white VSS S3M drivetrain belts for most of today’s electric competition touring cars. Available as S3M180 (60T), S3M186 (62T) and S3M189 (63T) rear belts as well as S3M507 (169T), S3M510 (170T), S3M513 (171T) or S3M516 (172T) front variants the belts will greatly improve the overall drivetrain efficiency due to their reduced friction. This is however on the expense of durability that is slightly lower compared to standard black belts.

View the rear belts here

August 30, 2016

Xenon Racing PR 64 pitch pinion gears

Xenon Racing PR 64 pitch pinion gears

Xenon Racing have introduced the PR 64 pitch aluminium pinion gears. Featuring a special tooth shape for improved efficiency and a hard anodised low-friction surface the gears are available in 26T to 55T specification. The long inner motor shaft guide makes for improved gear support at high loads as encountered in classes such as modified touring car racing.

Source: Xenon [xenon.ne.jp]

July 9, 2016

Xenon announce new VSS 1/12th front end kit

Xenon announce new VSS 1/12th front end kit

Japanese company Xenon have announced the release of a new optional front end kit for all 1/12th pan cars that use a Team Associated R5 compatible front suspension. The kit is of a damped design and it includes the VSS front shock stay, front shocks, upper arm links with eyelets and front end castor blocks. It is of the proven Xenon design and quality and all parts are also available separately. Also available are 65m VSS side links compatible for Associated R5, Roche Rapide P12, Kyosho Plaza and Morotech kits.

View the side links here

June 10, 2016

Xenon Racing Nova LiPo battery packs

Xenon Racing Nova LiPo battery packs

Hot on the heels of the Xenon Racing Nova 1/12th scale battery packs come additional configurations. Also new are three 2S packs including a 5300mAh 110C and a 6000mAh 110C offering that weigh in at 272g and 308g respectively. The third new battery is a lightweight 5000mAh variant made from 100C cells that weighs in at 256g. All of them come in protective hardcases.

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