October 25, 2012

Zeppin Racing high flow cooling fan

Zeppin Racing introduce the Crazy High Speed motor cooling fan. Featuring dimensions of 40x40x10mm and a high air flow capacity the fan is ideal to cool down highly stressed stock and modified motors while being low on power consumption at the same time.

Source: Zeppin Racing [zeppinracing.com]

September 12, 2012

Zeppin Racing digital tweaker scale

Zeppin Racing have released this professional digital tweaker scale comprised of 1 LCD main unit and 4 separate scales. The main unit has 4 backlit LCD screens to show the measurements and settings while each scale is equipped with a high precision sensor to greatly enhance the accuracy, in 0.01oz (0.1g) increments. Measurements can be displayed in gram, oz, ozt and dwt. This scale system is designed for serious racers to measure their cars’ weight distribution easily and make necessary weight adjustment to balance their cars for the best performance. Available in black or blue.

Source: Zeppin Racing [zeppinracing.com]

August 14, 2012

Zeppin TC6.1 steel gear diff outdrives

Zeppin racing have released this pair of gear differential outdrives for the Associated TC6.1 touring car. Made from spring steel they are similar in design but but much more durable than the standard lighter aluminium versions.

Source: Zeppin [zeppinracing.com]

July 17, 2012

Zeppin TC6.1 caster blocks & MTX5 pulley

Some new items from Zeppin Racing who have released these 7075 aluminium 4.5deg (L+R) caster blocks for the Associated TC6.1 which have an enlarged opening in the centre. The new design is to avoid the double joint dogbones touching the caster blocks when turning at a full angle. To also improve smoothness there is an additional Delrin insert for the hinge pin. Zeppin have also produced a 26T pulley for the Mugen MTX5, which is made of hard coated high quality 7075 aluminum. It has been lightened for minimizing weight.

View the MTX5 pulley here

June 11, 2012

Zeppin Racing TC6.1 spool & rear hubs

Zeppin Racing have released some more new parts for the Team Associated TC6.1 with the introduction of this 7075 aluminium spool hub. More durable than the original part, it is designed to be very light, weighing in at only 3.8 grams. Also for the same car is this pair of 2.5 degree aluminium rear hubs, which are designed to be more durable than the original plastic parts.

View the rear hubs here

May 10, 2012

Zeppin Racing TC6.1 option parts

Zeppin Racing have introduced a number of new option parts for the Associated TC6.1 starting with these front and rear carbon shock towers. These new towers feature the same shock mounting holes as the kit part but are designed to be used with the new aluminium front and rear upper clamps. These new parts see the upper suspension links now mounted to the clamp instead of the lower part of the shock tower and allow for easy adjustment of the roll center through 3 different mounting holes. Finally there is a new lightweight spur gear hub which only weight 2.2g, compared to 2.8g for the standard part, but doesn’t sacrifice durability.

View the other new parts here

May 8, 2012

Zeppin T3 aluminium options & TC6.1 top deck

Zeppin Racing have announced the release of some new 7075 aluminium parts for the Xray T3, which are more durable than the stock plastic versions. There are some front steering knuckles and 0 degree rear hubs, both of which have been lightened, weighing in at only 12.2g/pair for the knuckles and only 9g/pair for the rear hubs, yet are still strong enough to withstand heavy impacts. There is also a -2mm upper clamp with adjustable roll center which have the inboard upper links lowered by 2mm in order to make the roll center higher. Finally for the Associated TC6.1 there is a new 1.8mm extra flex top deck which aims to greatly enhance the car’s overall traction.

View the other parts here

March 20, 2012

Zeppin Racing TC6.1 & T3 2012 top decks

Zeppin Racing have released new 2mm flex top plates for the Team Associated TC6.1 and Xray T3 2012. The original top plate for the TC6.1 was engineered for firmness and in addition the upper deck is too wide meaning it touches the motor which restricts flexing. This newly designed 2mm thick top deck is 2mm narrower (-1mm each side) to avoid touching the motor, plus extra holes provide a bit more flex in order to improve overall traction. Aiming for more steering on the T3 chassis, they have deliberately made a narrower top deck to increase steering, especially in mid corner.

View the T3 top deck here