December 17, 2021

Zuykov 1/10 TC setup station

Zuykov, new brand of Russian TC driver Denis Zuykov have released amongst other things, this TC setup station. The idea behind this product is that the kit contains everything you need to set up your car including camber, caster, toe, EPA, droop and ride height. The scale for the camber setting is not at the bottom as usual, but at the top of the setup wheel. This scale is closer to the eyes and its location is much more convenient. Each setup wheel uses 2 bearings for a smooth movement and a scale at the top allows for minimal movement of the bottom over the setup board, greatly increasing accuracy. The top plate can be used on cars up to 210mm wide, adjustable from 40mm out to 40mm in. For owners of Awesomatix A800 the kit includes measuring caster blocks. Thanks to the scale on the side of the setup wheel, the caster and camber can be adjusted simultaneously without the need for a calipers. To change the length of the turnbuckle, there is a 3mm and 4mm wrench in the box.

View more details & images of the setup station here