June 27, 2023

MIBO Stealth Magnetic Front Body Mount for Drift

MIBO has introduced this adjustable aluminium front body mount for drift cars which features a strong 10mm magnets and hidden structure for clean look of the chassis. The MIBO Stealth Magnetic Front Body Mount offers a unique and innovative solution for attaching the body shell to the chassis, that is now completely invisible. Like other magnetic body mounts, it removes holes and body clips from the bodyshell, but unlike them, it now removes visible parts from the chassis as well. Its aluminium structure is mounted on the inner side of the body, so the chassis keeps a sleek look. Without any posts, or even without front bumper, if you want. Just use a pair of the included magnets as washers under screws in a suitable location. It offers a wide range of adjustments to fit almost any combination of chassis and bodyshell. Featuring variable spacing for magnets, height and angle of the mounting plate, it can be attached by lexan-friendly glue, or double-sided tape. And when tightened properly, it becomes so sturdy, you will never need to worry about it getting loose.

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June 6, 2023

MIBO Carbon handle Allen Wrenches

Adding to its range of products, MIBO has released a new range of hex wrenches.  Featuring a light carbon handle and very hard tip with an all black handle and tip finish, the wrench size is marked on the aluminium insert of the handle.  The MIBO Allen Wrench is designed with the needs of RC racing enthusiasts in mind.  It’s lightweight carbon design makes it easy to carry in your pit box or toolbox. Thanks to sufficient dimensions and a solid surface it’s also comfortable during extensive use.  The tip material was custom-made and thoroughly tested to find an optimal balance of hardness.  The hex edges are highly resilient from stripping, so if you want a tip, that survives occasional bolt head strips without any harm, this one is for you. And while it’s not advised to use it as a lever, it’s still not overly easy to snap.

Source: MIBO [mibosport.com]

May 16, 2023

MIBO Racing Tire Sander

MIBO has added this Racing Tire Sander to its range of racing accessories.  A must-have tool for every onroad racing driver to prepare their tyres for optimal performance on the track, it makes removing mold lines from new tires quick and easy, allowing you to skip several laps of wear-in time.  It is designed for use with files or sanding papers, available in various grit options.  The rotation speed helps to effectively and evenly remove the mold lines, ensuring a smooth tyre surface.  This way your tyres can provide better traction and consistent handling right from the start, allowing you to focus on achieving faster lap times.

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April 5, 2023

MIBO Drift King Gyro

MIBO has introduced a new Drift King Gyro that is a new generation among gyros of its category.  Racers may have come across gain curve settings (PCA, QUICK, Gain curve etc.) on a top-end gyros already but until now, it was in higher price range and harder to set up.  This function, however, moves the RWD drift machines driving to a next level.  Setting the gain level is not just about compromise between enough stabilisation and not losing steering response, thanks to it.  It allows the smoothest possible ride, with sensitive control and quick angle changes.  That’s why we wanted to bring the gain curve to a lower price category.  The curve progression was tuned in cooperation with drivers of various categories, from beginners to experienced competition drivers, so it fits well for most users possible and built into the gyro software.  That means it works optimally right after switching the gyro on and doesn’t bring any extra setting to worry about.

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April 3, 2023

MIBO Duo Racing Charger

Continuing the roll out of its new range of racing accessories, MIBO has released this small dual-channel Duo Racing AC/DC 200W Charger/Discharger.  It is an intelligent charger with mains and car battery power supply and very simple and straightforward operation. The MIBO Duo Racing AC/DC 200W Charger/Discharger allows you to charge common battery types, plus it is equipped with built-in six-channel balancers to ensure safe charging of lithium batteries.  The charger is equipped with a colour LCD display and a programming wheel and button, which provide you with the possibility of comfortable and fast parameter setting, control and monitoring of the charging process. In addition to the compact “palm-sized” design and intuitive operation, it is worth a special mention that it has a program for new types of high-voltage LiHV batteries with a terminal voltage for charging up to 4.35 V. It offers the possibility of synchronous operation of both channels for charging two identical batteries. Adjustable charging end voltage for lithium batteries allows the gentle charging that aviators like, or the brutal overcharging that “car guys” like.

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March 30, 2023

MIBO Electric Screwdriver

MIBO has added this Electric Screwdriver to its range of products as a handy tool to make assembling and disassembling RC car components quick and easy.  It is compact and lightweight, which combined with a non-slip rubber grip results in really effortless handling.  Forward and reverse buttons control a powerful electric motor, that provides consistent torque to drive screws into any material, including hard plastic, with precision and speed.  Powerful neutral brake lets you tighten the screws manually to adjust the torque by feel, rather than by digital torque control. This also helps you loosen any stubborn screw, that needs a lot of force to come out.  3.6V 900mAh Li-Ion battery allows for extended use without the need for battery replacement. Its capacity is enough for many hours of common work, then it can be charged via included micro USB cable within 60 minutes.  The screwdriver has a 6.35mm quick-release chuck, compatible with all kinds of bits that are suitable for different types of screws used in RC cars and elsewhere.  The supplied MIBO tips are made of hard steel with a titanium coating with 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 5.5mm and 7.0mm bits available.  The screwdriver body also contains a small LED worklight, that helps the visibility in tight spots.

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March 29, 2023

MIBO Drift King LiPo

New from MIBO is this RC drifting specific lipo battery, the Drift King Shorty HV LiPo.  This is high-performance battery is designed for use in remote control cars but in particular for drifting.  With a capacity of 4000mAh, this battery provides a long run time and can handle high discharge rates of up to 130C continuous and 260C burst.  The 7.6V voltage rating allows for efficient power transfer to the motor, while the 2S configuration is a standard for most electronic setups and provides a good balance between power and weight.  The HV (high voltage) designation means that this battery can be charged up to 4.35V per cell, which results in increased power output and speed.  The shorty form factor and low thickness of this battery are ideal for fitting into most current competition chassis and optimising weight distribution for better handling and maneuverability.

Source: MIBO [mibosport.com]

March 8, 2023

MIBO Shock & Diff Oils

Fresh from hosting their hugely successful inaugural MIBO International Race over the weekend, Czech brand MIBO has added a range of shock and diff oils to its product line.  MIBO Shock Oil is a high-performance suspension fluid that is specially formulated for use in RC car racing.  Suitable for both on-road and off-road use, it is designed to provide smooth and consistent damping action for your RC car shocks. With the new MIBO shock oils, ranging from 10wt/100cSt all the way to 80wt/1000cSt, you can fine-tune your car’s suspension system to suit your driving style and racing conditions.  The new high-performance MIBO Diff Oils range runs from 2,000cSt all the way to 1,000,000cSt so you can fine-tune your car’s differential stiffness for optimal performance and improved handling.

Source: MIBO [mibosport.com]