December 7, 2022

New MIBO International Race announced

Mibosport is excited to announce that it is bringing a new international indoor event to the calendar in 2023 with the inaugural running of the Mibo International Race on March 3-5 in the Czech Republic.  Pre pandemic, the Mibosport Cup was well established as one of Europe’s top annual indoor race series attracting some of the biggest names in racing to the town of Hrotovice. Now following the series’ forced break, Mibosport is looking to bring back the racing in style to the Sport V Hotel with the creation of one big exciting weekend for both onroad and offroad racers.  A venue that always proved hugely popular with racers for the sheer convenience of being able to race, eat and sleep all under one roof, the Mibo International Race is also node to the past when individual international race weekends were once common and made up the indoor season.  The Mibo International Race will see separate onroad and offroad tracks provide two stages for a full weekend of racing action. Set to be a who’s who of electric racing scene, the story of the inaugural event is set to be shared with the world as it unfolds with Red RC confirming they will make a return visit to Hrotovice.  As someone who still enjoys racing himself, Mibosport founder Michal Bok and his race crew are finalising a number of exciting plans for the event, details of which be announced over the coming weeks.  So save the date, March 3-5, 2023, and get ready to be part of the next exciting new chapter in Hrotovice’s racing history.

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November 29, 2022

MIBO 1:10 Onroad Waterproof LP Brushless Servo

It was the first product from newcomer MIBO back in August and now they have added a waterproof version of their popular 1:10 Onroad Low Profile MB-2311 Brushless Servo.  The waterproof MB-2311WP version is a high torque/ultra high speed programmable digital low-profile brushless servo comes with steel gear and double BB-ed output shaft and is intended for use in 1:10 on-road RC cars (suitable for Modified, Stock, FWD, Formula classes).  An all aluminium case ensures perfect cooling under high load.  MB-2311WP is programmable using the KAVAN servo USB programmer/interface and PC software.

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November 25, 2022

MIBO Touch Duo Racing Charger

MIBO introduces it latest product, the Touch Duo Racing Charger. This AC/DC 400W unit is a dual-channel charger and discharger with a touchscreen display. It has built-in balancers with up to 200 W per channel for all battery types (NiMH, NiCd, LiPo, LiHV, Li-ion, LiFe and lead-acid). The charger is designed to be powered from a 100–240 V/50–60 Hz mains supply, a 12 V lead-acid battery (traction or car battery), or a suitable stabilised power supply. The charger is equipped with XT60 sockets in both channels and is shipped with 2 JST-XH service connector adapters allowing direct connection of power cables and JST-XH connectors of 2–6S LiPo packs. If you use packs with XT60 and JST-XH connectors, you don’t need any charging cables. You can use common Sky RC or RC System adapters to connect service connectors from other systems.

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November 24, 2022

Christopher Krapp joins MIBO

MIBO has just announced top international touring car driver Christopher Krapp has joined the MIBO Racing Team.  The factory Yokomo driver is the first driver to join the new brand with Michal Bok’s company ‘extremely glad that he will be a member of our team’ adding they ‘consider Chris to be a true professional both on and off the track, so we are confident that he is the guy who will help us to move our brand and the level of service and products even higher’. Krapp will also be using their new MIBO Racing Products that the Czech brand are working on as they expand their range of products.  Commenting on the announcement Krapp said, “I am excited to join MIBOSPORT and use their own just introduced line of products. First up will be their own charger with many more products in the future to come.
Thanks especially to Michal and I can‘t wait to help promote and develop their lineup.”

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November 24, 2022

MIBO Drift King Servos

Mibo has just released 2 servos types aimed specifically for use in 1:10 scale RWD RC Drift cars. Available in a 33kg and 18kg option, the servos are extra powerful and quick programmable digital low-profile brushless servo with steel gear and double BB-ed output shaft. All-aluminium case for perfect cooling under high load. The 18Kg servo was tested specifically for a competition RWD Drift cars.  The brushless motor provides enough torque in order to keep the car stable at an angle and on quick transitions.  Offered in a range of vibrant colours, what really sets the 33Kg model apart from other RWD servos, is its exceptional power. At standard BEC voltages, the torque value is almost double what most other servos are able to produce. Thanks to this, the front wheels are rock solid in holding the line and angle. Keeping the same speed of initiation and transitions, it maintains stability of the car and removes any unwanted twitching from overshooting angle and returning back. Smooth operation and gyro signal filtering are then a matter of course, with the brushless motor and modern software. Modern software ensures a perfect gyro signal filtration for a smooth drive, without steering hunting. It is programmable using the USB programmer/interface for MIBO servo and PC software. You can set your own values for parameters, such as Servo angle, Servo neutral, Damping, Output power, Sensitivity, Soft start, Reverse, etc. Plus you have an option to enable SANWA SSR, or FUTABA SR mode.

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October 6, 2022

MIBO 1:8 Waterproof Brushless Servo

Continuing to add to its range of servos, MIBO has added this specific waterproof 1:8 Offroad servo to its line-up.  The MB-2323 is an ultra high torque/high speed programmable digital standard 83g brushless servo with hardened steel gearing and triple BB-ed output shaft. All-aluminium waterproof and dustproof case (meeting IP67 standard requirements) for perfect cooling under high load and protection from the rough environment. The magnetic encoder instead of the regular mechanical potentiometer adds to the un-compromised precision and reliability.  The servo is also programmable using the KAVAN servo USB programmer/interface and PC software.

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October 3, 2022

MIBO 1:10 Offroad servo line-up

MIBO has added three new servos to its range that are specifically intended for 1:10 offroad use.  Topping the range, the MB-2321 (0.052s/23kg/8.4V) Brushless Servo is a very high torque/ultra high speed programmable digital standard brushless servo with steel gear and triple BB-ed output shaft. The all-aluminium case for perfect cooling under high load and the servo is programmable using the KAVAN servo USB programmer/interface and PC software. Next up is the MB-2313 Low Profile (0.07s/20kg/8.4V) Brushless Servo which has all the same features as the MB-2321. Completing the line-up is the MB-2322 (0.055s/20kg/8.4V) Brushless Servo.  Featuring steel gear and double BB-ed output shaft it has an aluminium middle case heatsink for cooling under high load. The MB-2322 is not programmable.

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September 30, 2022

MIBO 1:10 Onroad Low Profile Coreless Servo

RC newcomer MIBO has announced a new addition to its product range with the release of the MB-2312 High torque/very high speed digital low-profile coreless servo. Featuring steel gear and double BB-ed output shaft, it works great in 1:10 on-road RC cars (suitable for Modified, Stock, FWD, Formula classes). The aluminium middle body of the case for perfect cooling under high load. The MB-2312 is not programmable and has an operating voltage range 4.8-8.4 V. It has a 25T/5.92 mm output shaft.

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