November 30, 2021

OfficinaRC X4 brass 6mm pivot balls

From OfficinaRC for the Xray X4, these brass 6mm pivot balls are made in Italy with the best machinery and by expert craftsmen with many years of experience. The brass used, thanks to its characteristics, guarantees maximum sliding by minimising the friction of the pivot ball in the arm. The weight is very similar to that of the original versions.

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November 29, 2021

JConcepts tire inner sidewall support adaptors

The team at JConcepts have developed a new option for tire sidewall support. During high traction or loaded conditions, tire sidewall deflection causes oversteer and inconsistency with driving performance. By adding the inner sidewall support adaptor and gluing it into place, the sidewall effectively becomes much harder and allows a driver to enter smoother arcs and radius turns on the race track. Already used in competition, the sidewall support pieces have shown to work on glued, sealed, or naturally grippy surfaces where traction rolling or oversteer is an issue. In addition, when conditions are rough, bumpy or dusty, the additional support drives smoother and with more consistency. Available for 1/10th buggy (above) and 1/8th buggy tires, they come in a pack of 4 pieces.

View the 1/8th version here

November 29, 2021

Core RC diff & shock oil additions

Core RC have introduced these new additions to their diff and shock oil range. The the new shock oil additions are available 25 cSt incremental weights within the most popular oil range and now include 325cSt, 375cSt, 425cSt, 475cSt, 525cSt and 575cSt. Made with 100% pure silicone oil, it is extremely temperature resistant in both warm and cold conditions and is supplied in fully sealed 60ml bottles for best transport without leakage, and super easy to use lid for easy precise pouring. Along with the new shock oils they have new diff oils to broaden the range with 60000cSt, 80000cSt, 150000cSt, 200000cSt and 500000cSt also now available.

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November 29, 2021

T-Works clamping style servo horns

From T-Works comes this range of clamping style two ended servo horns. Made from 7075-T6 aluminium, each horn has been black anodised and has machined chamfers on the edges. They come in two versions and with two different spline types. There is the standard flat version and one that is 1.5mm taller on one end and there is the 23 and 25 tooth spline version of each. The screw down clamp on the collar ensures that servo horn doesn’t slip under heavy work loads. The horns come complete with mounting hardware as well as bushings for the mounting holes.

View the other new servo horns here

November 29, 2021

Axon MTC2 high big bore shock III

Axon have released their new high big bore shock III for the Mugen MTC2. This oil damper has been well received in the TC10, their BD10 conversion, but one of the major changes they have made for the MTC2 is the piston. A 1.2mm/4-hole piston is now standard and a newly designed cylinder and piston rod with ultra-low friction HVF coating are also supplied. These new shocks maximise the performance of your MTC2 by helping to increase traction.

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November 26, 2021

Xray X12’22 1/12th scale pan car chassis

Xray have released full information on their updated X12’22 1/12th scale pan car. The updated chassis sports a fully adjustable battery mounting system that does not require an O-ring or tape. At the rear, an ultra-lightweight steel solid axle offers improved drivability and throttle control while the new lightweight wheel adaptors help reduce rotation mass. Up front the wider foam bumper provides better body shell support & improved crash protection and the updated front suspension sports adjustable steering lock limiters. Other updates include a new steel arm brace for increased arm strength and a new low profile lightweight bushings installed in graphite plates replacing the traditional nuts for a sleeker look and lower CG. The solid axle is now standard in the EU Edition with 1.0° kingpins included in the US Edition for improved drivability out of the box on high traction.

View the full X12’22 presentation here.

November 26, 2021

Tekno RC NT48 2.0 Nitro truggy

Tekno RC have released the long awaited NT48 2.0, the fastest and most durable nitro truggy that they have ever produced. The bar was set high with the legendary NT48.3 and its countless victories and podiums across the world. The new NT48 truggy incorporates all of the 2.0 platform’s best features such as quick access diffs, incredibly free suspension, twisted caster front arms, and a decoupled radio tray. After all of the performance features were worked out, they spent some time adding strength in all of the right places. The suspension arms are ridiculously beefy, the driveshafts are thicker, and they decided on a stout 4mm chassis. The chassis components are kept as far forward as possible to aid in steering response and corner rotation. Unless you’ve been under a rock for the last year, you’ve probably noticed that the entire RC racing industry has adopted their fresh approach to truggy body aesthetics.

View more details & images here