August 1, 2022

New LSB Tyre Additive

LSB has introduced their brand new additive for 1/10 Touring Car. This additive was developed over many years and is finally now on the market. The LSB additive is 85% biodegradable using a very powerful formula that ensures maximum performance with a long duration on the track. This product was tested and approved by World Champion drivers.

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June 29, 2022

1up Racing Cruz Missile outdoor tire additive

Introducing the new 1up Racing Cruz Missile outdoor tire additive.. 1up have tested extensively with 1up Racing Factory driver Jacob Cruz to find the best outdoor tire additive across a range of surfaces, temperatures and grip levels. Cruz Missile tackles them all and is capable of setting the fastest laps with feel and grip that remain consistent over a full run. Supplied in a handy bottle with foam applicator.

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May 10, 2022

Hudy Tire Gripper asphalt 50ml

This new Tire Gripper from Hudy is an excellent tire additive, especially recommended for asphalt. Developed and tested by top on-road drivers to achieve maximum traction while keeping the car stable and easy to drive. Supplied in a small and handy 50ml bottle with foam applicator, it has been developed for both rubber and foam tires for asphalt.

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January 31, 2022

Deadfly Fly Juice additive

Deadfly have released their brand new ‘Fly Juice’ additive. Fly Juice has been tested and developed by some of the UK’s top National drivers and has been specially created for rubber & foam tires plus indoor/outdoor surfaces, guaranteeing longer effect and better performance. It comes in a laser marked handy plastic bottle with integrated sponge applicator and sealing cap. All developed, produced and filled in UK. Fly Juice has 3 offerings in the form of Type A, Type B and Type C, each type can be used along side each other offering a greater control in your tire preparation.

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February 18, 2021

P-Grip 3.0 foam tire additive

Following many tests Pepe Group are ready to release their all new P-Grip 3.0. This new additive has been specially created for foam tires and tarmac surfaces, guaranteeing longer effect and better performance compared to version 2.0. Easily identified by its fluorescent pink colour with blue glitter inside it is supplied in a handy bottle.

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June 12, 2020

MR33 belt booster fluid

Available now from Marc Rheinard’s MR33 brand is the belt booster fluid that was developed to reduce overall drivetrain friction. The chemical will be applied directly to the belts and pulleys where it will reduce the natural drivetrain friction without compromising durability of the belts or pulleys, making it ideal for both stock and modified motor racing alike. The fluid comes in 100ml foam tip bottles.

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May 22, 2020

PHUB Hybrid Grip asphalt traction compound

PHUB have introduced their forthcoming all-new Hybrid Grip traction compound for asphalt tracks. The tyre sauce is a blend between thin and light additives and more rich and oily compounds with the combination providing optimised steering and traction on basically all asphalt tracks and especially in higher temperature ranges.

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February 4, 2020

Monaco RC Belt Booster pulley & belt conditioner

Monaco RC have introduced their new Belt Booster additive designed to obtain maximum transmission smoothness. Applied directly on the belts and pulleys, the chemical increases the parts’ smoothness without compromising their strength and durability, improving overall performance in both Stock and Modified classes. The additive withstands extreme temperatures while also protecting the rubber and plastic parts. The conditioner comes in handy 100ml bottles with sponge applicator.

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