November 16, 2018

Pro-Line RC body airbrush paint

Coming from Pro-Line is their new line of water-based airbrush paint for polycarbonate body shells. The paint is ultra-flexible, extremely durable and easy to use as the pre-thinned airbrush paint can be sprayed directly using an 0.5mm tip at 30psi while further reducing is is only required for smaller tips or specific applications. Available in single 60ml individual bottles or 6-pack sets with the primary set including Paint Reducer, White, Black, Red, Yellow, Blue while the secondary set comes with Orange, Green, Purple, Aluminum, Metallic Charcoal, Pearl Blue colours.

View the secondary colour set here

September 3, 2018

X-Grip spray paint for polycarbonate bodies

The X-Grip brand now offers another alternative for your painting needs with the release of their own line of spray paint. Coming in cans of 150 ml, this lexan spray is of the highest quality and is available currently in the seven most popular colours on the market.

Source: Mikimodel []

September 14, 2017

Absima Paintz Matt spray clear coat

German company Absima have introduced their new Paintz Matt matte spray clear coat. Two or three layers of this matte coat, that is supplied in 150ml spray cans, applied to the outside of polycarbonate body shells will create the sought-after matte finish look and thanks to being fuel-resistant it is also usable for the body shells of nitro models.

Source: Absima []

August 22, 2017

Arrowmax polycarbonate spray paint

Arrowmax have introduced their new range of spray paint for polycarbonate body shells. Oil and nitro-proof the super-fine pigment paint is available in 32 different colours including basic, metallic, fluorescent and translucent variants, and it comes in handy 100ml cans with a precision nozzle that ensures even layers of paint.

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July 27, 2017

Xceed RC spray guns & tapes

Coming from Xceed RC are two new spray guns as well as a range of tapes. Starting with the spray applicators, the guns are available in a basic and pro variant with both fitting a range of spray paint cans. The guns are meant to make for easier and more evenly paint application. Also new are 10mm, 18mm and 40mm wide masking tapes on 18m rolls. Last but not least comes a 2m roll of 20mm doubled sided tape.

View the tapes here

March 30, 2017

Hobbynox water-based airbrush paints

Minicars have introduced the new Hobbynox water-based airbrush paints. The US-made and non-toxic paint is made using high-quality ingredients and it is ideal for polycarbonate body shells, helmets and all sorts of custom paint jobs. The range includes opaque, transparent, fluorescent, pearl and iridescent colours all of which come in 60ml bottles while solid white, solid black, the SP reducer/cleaner and the water-based polyurethane intercoat-clear products are also available as 120ml bottle.

Source: Minicars []

December 16, 2016

LRP Magic Colour 2 matte clear coat

LRP have introduced the Magic Colour 2 matte clear coat. Applying two to three coats on the outside of bodyshells or rear wings makes for a cool look that also combines great with negative logos. The clear coat comes in 150ml cans, it is fuel resistant and fast drying.

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