February 21, 2012

Futura tire cleaner

Futura cleaner has been developed to solve the problem of traction build up on your tires to keep the performance similar the next time you use them. The only way to do this is to remove the traction buildup to keep them consistent from run to run and this cleaner will remove that buildup from the tires. Cleaner is formulated for both rubber and foam tires and especially on foam tires it’s able to open the foam pore, making the tire softer and prepare it for the application of new additive.

Source: Futura [tyreadditive.com]

November 17, 2011

X Factory Tire Mounting Cleaner


X Factory release the tire mounting cleaner, a specially formulated chemical to remove mould release, oil, grease or general dirt from both the tyre and wheel’s bead in order to provide a perfect underground for gluing tyre and wheels. The cleaner evaporates quickly leaving no residue for a swift workflow.

Source: X Factory [xfactoryrc.com]

November 16, 2011

Spec-R Cleaning Clay


Spec-R release a cleaning clay that picks up all of the dirt and dust a car collects on the track. A special formula also absorbs oils and grease nitro engines produce making it ideal for the use on the chassis, suspension, engine and exhaust parts. The clay comes in an airtight storage container that holds 85g of the grey-coloured product.

Source: Spec-R [spec-r.com]

July 17, 2011

Capricorn magic gum, teflon grease & white springs

Capricorn magic gum, teflon grease & white springs

Capricorn have released some new general purpose products for gas racers including their own magic gum cleaning putty which is made from Italian gum and will extract dirt and grime from even the tightest of spaces. Other new items include a general purpose teflon grease and soft white front and rear springs for the LAB C01.

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June 4, 2010

Orcan maintenance set for nitro cars

Orcan maintenance set for nitro cars

Proper maintenance is essential not only for the life time of every single part and the car as a whole, but also for the general performance. Nitro cars especially need intensive care and attention so with that in mind SMI Motorsport offers a new Orcan maintenance set for nitro cars that includes five products to keep the car’s parts running well and looking good. First of all, an engine maintenance oil which lubricates the bearings and avoids rust and oxidation. Second, a special oil for a perfect air filter. Third, a silicone spray to make the belts run smooth and the plastic parts look great. Fourth, isopropyl alcohol to clean the car and engines. And fifth, a well-known putty for easy dirt removal. All these products come in a handy Orcan multifunction bag.

Source: SMI Motorsport [smi-motorsport.de]

April 10, 2010

LMI Racing Cleaning gum

LMI Racing Cleaning gum

German company LMI Racing have released this new cleaning gum. Similar to those currently on the market, it too picks up all the dust and dirt from your car, getting at those hard to reach corners, with oil and grease also no problem for it. Sold in a 200 gram pot.

Source: LMI [lmiracing.com]

February 25, 2010

CS Electronic MZ1 tire cleaner

CS Electronic MZ1 tire cleaner

CS Electronic have introduced their new MZ1 tire cleaner, which was specially developed for use on Mini-Z racers. Previously Mini-z tires would be cleaned with something like WD-40 which would degrease the tires unevenly which lead to degradation and poor performance and could even dissolve the glue holding it to the rim. The MZ1 tire cleaner takes away all of these problems giving an even cleaning leaving them optimally prepared for the next run.

Source: CS Electronic [cs-shop.de]

February 18, 2010

RB Cleaning putty

RB Cleaning putty

As seen in our report from the Toy Fair, RB have launched its own line of cleaning putty. Similar to others on the market, it will allow you to easily remove oil residue and dust from tires that may stay stuck to your engine and other parts of the car. Flexible and efficient, the cleaning putty is delivered in a handy box which will preserve all the properties of the gum.

Source: RB [rbproducts.com]