November 26, 2021

TPro 8400mAh & 7600mAh LiPo batteries

From TPro come two new LiPo batteries, the first is the new 7,6V 8400mAh 120C ‘High Power’ battery. The second is a 7,6V 7600mAh 120C ‘Low weight’ battery, giving you the options to choose what is most important to you, more power or less weight. Both batteries feature a hard case, bullet connectors and are supplied with a pre-made wiring harness from bullet to t-plug with balancer and also a spare set of bullet connectors.

View the different battery packs here

November 24, 2021

Surpass Hobby Rocket Supersonic power combo set

Surpass Hobby have introduced their new Rocket Supersonic power combo set. Featuring the new Rocket Supersonic motor which has a built-in temperature sensor and external sensor port, which combined with the Supersonic ESC creates a stronger protection against the motor overheating. In order to create a high-efficiency motor, the Surpass team repeatedly tested the design and settled on the use of an independent special mould for the Surpass stator using 0.2mm imported silicon steel sheet and the use of a super large diameter rotor (ø18.7mm) for extreme power. In addition, a professional manually wound vortex creates an extremely low internal resistance.

View info on the new Supersonic ESC here

November 23, 2021

Speedzone Evolution Drag Racing LiPo packs

Speedzone has released their Evolution Drag Racing series LiPo packs. The packs were designed using the highest quality cells and geared for today’s demanding competition drag racing environment. Assembled with 8awg wire and a XT90 connector, the soft case packs produce extremely low internal resistance and high average voltage. The 2S 4000mAh 110C pack measures 96.5 x 44.5 x 23mm and weighs 236g while the 2S 6400mAh 200C pack measures 87 x 65 x 35.5mm and weighs 384g.

View the 6400mAh pack here

November 22, 2021

Nosram 4100mAh & 3100mAh stick pack LiPo batteries

After months of development and testing, the new Nosram stick pack LiPo batteries are ready. The perfect LiPos for hobby and amateur drivers who are mindful of their budget but still want to run LiPo batteries of high quality. Also ideal for RTR buyers who want to start directly with LiPo batteries. This classic, rounded “stick pack” shape in 134mm length fits perfectly into chassis that were originally designed for NiMH stick pack batteries. Due to the 4mm off-centre cable outlet, the battery posts are also no longer in the way. Currently available in 4100mAh and 3100mAh 50C versions, they are each available with the currently popular connectors, Tamiya, T-Plug, XT60 and EC3.

View the 3100mAh version here

October 20, 2021

XTR 9500mAh 120C LiPo pack

An update to XTR’s line up of competition LiPo batteries with the introduction of this 9500mAh 120C pack. Developed and optimised for TC Stock as well as GT, this new LiPo offers consistent and stable performance and lots of power, thanks to its large capacity. The battery weighs 319 grams and utilises 5mm bullet connectors.

Source: XTR Racing []

October 19, 2021

Dash RC AI Pro V2 ESC in red & purple

New from Dash RC is the AI Pro V2 brushless speed controller available in red and purple colour variant. Utilising State-of-the-Art 32bits micro-controllers, and a robust software, the ESC delivers the most technologically advanced features to date. The V2 ESC features an electrolytic two-step anodising heatsink case, improving heat dissipation. Development of the V2 was focused on smooth power delivery needed for drift as well as supreme power efficiency. Other features include a high-voltage 30mm turbo fan, adjustable 6V to 7V high-voltage BEC system as well as an interchangeable A-B-C configurations.

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October 14, 2021

Surpass Rocket RC Supersonic 380 BL motor

Surpass Hobby have released their new Rocket RC supersonic 380 sensored brushless motor. Compatible with all brands ESC, it is a standard 380 size motor and is great for upgrading 1/12 and 1/14 cars such as those from LC Racing and is available in 8.5T, 10.5T, 13.5T & 17.5T versions. The unique can design allows better heat dissipation and is made of high-strength 7075 imported aluminium alloy material with the motor only weighing ~96g. The internal resistance of the American copper wire winding is very low, while the powerful magnets and high grade rotor material provides plenty of power. The Japanese made NSK bearing complete the package making for a very smooth operation.

View another image of the motor here

October 5, 2021

Ruddog Products 23T 3-Slot Cup motor

Ruddog Products’ new 23 turn 3-Slot Cup motor is an ideal low-budget choice for endurance or club racing. The Cup motor is a perfect match for the ESCs included in entry-level on-road and off-road kits, and a ball bearing in the front end bell increases the efficiency and lifetime. A perfect motor for your first racing experience.

View another image of the motor here