September 16, 2021

Yokomo BD10F stabiliser set & competition capacitor

Two new items from Yokomo, the first of which is a rear stabiliser set for the new BD10F FWD touring car. Since the rear stabiliser is not standard equipment on the BD10F, this set is effective when you want to improve steering response and improve performance on high-grip road surfaces. Three types of stabiliser bars (1.2, 1.3, 1.4mm) are included. Also new is a capacitor for racing that maximises the performance of your ESC. When the load becomes high due to sudden throttle operation it supplements the electric power and enhances the acceleration. Each cord is attached to the battery ± terminal of ESC, but since it is non-polar, it can be used regardless of which pole it is attached to.

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June 22, 2021

Orca ONPC non-polarity capacitor

Orca have released their new ONPC non-polarity capacitor. Suitable for use in all categories, and all 1S & 2S ESC types from stock class to modified class, Orca’s ONPC is one of the smallest and lightest capacitors on the market now and balances size and performance together with high quality. With a size of 20.5mm x 16mm x 6.9mm and weighing just 7.4grams even with its aluminium case, it has a max voltage of 16V and a capacity of 1700uF.

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June 11, 2021

GForce Boost Monster ultra large capacitor

GForce have introduced the Boost Monster, ultra large boost capacitor suitable for use with up to 2s LiPos. Featuring a capacity of 270,000 μF and housed in a full aluminium case, the Boost Monster is useful in all categories of racing, increasing punch over the entire throttle range. Easy to mount, the case comes in two colour options, blue and black.

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April 8, 2021

R1 Wurks Mega & Micro capacitor for Digital 3 ESC

R1 Wurks introduce their new line of Mega and Micro capacitor for the Digital 3 ESC. The Mega cap was designed to maximise the performance of the Digital 3 ESC with more than 30x the capacity of the built in capacitors while delivering ultra low ESR performance. This means that these capacitors respond to the ESC ripple current faster for better overall performance. Our 60 grams Mega cap also balances the side by side weight of the ESC, while sitting on the same footprint. This acts as a balancing ballast next to the Digital-3. This means you can also optimise the side by side weight balance, for harder launches. The 30 grams Mega capacitor fills in the gap for space constrained setups. The 30 grams Mega capacitor delivers maximum capacity on a smaller footprint, low ESR and unrivalled performance to weight ratio. The Micro capacitor is an excellent improvement over the stock Digital-3 capacitor, this is a smaller footprint, lower profile and delivering 3x the capacity of the built in Digital 3 capacitor. All the new capacitors will ship with a custom built cradle made of carbon fibre nylon filament and 3M very high bond tape.

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March 14, 2021

Muchmore super capacitor modules

Muchmore have released this pair of super capacitor modules for modified and stock racing. Low impedance, low heat generation, great start-up acceleration, the capacitor significantly reduces the interference generated by the high frequency switching of your ESC. Its small size and light weight makes it super easy to install.

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March 4, 2021

RC Dynamics 1S Super Low ESR Power capacitor

From RC Dynamics, this 1S Super Low ESR Power capacitor helps minimises power losses to give greater performance. The primary purpose of the ESC power capacitor is to minimise power losses caused by the high frequency switching currents generated during motor commutation/control. The goal being to maximise ESC performance and minimise the heat generated in the internal circuits. It is very important that the ESC has a power source with minimal source impedance. The latest LiPo batteries used in 1S on road racing now already provide an incredibly low internal resistance. Therefore in order for the capacitor to provide maximum benefit it must have an ESR (Effective Series Resistance) at the relevant frequencies, at least an order of magnitude less than the LiPo battery internal resistance. The traditional Aluminium Electrolytic power caps do not have such a low ESR. The RC Dynamics 1S Super Low ESR Power capacitor, is manufactured using the highest performance components available and is tailored to suit RC models powered by a 1S LiPo Voltage source. Prototypes have been highly successful, installed in the winning cars at the 2020 Stock World and European Championships, also at UK National level.

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June 28, 2019

Yeah Racing Hyper Booster ESC capacitor

Coming from Yeah Racing is their new Hyper Booster aluminium case capacitor for competition speed controllers. This capacitor helps to deal with voltage sag during hard acceleration, and thanks to a very low internal resistance the available charge/discharge rates are very high, making it perfectly suited for touring cars or drifters. The capacitor is housed in a machined aluminium case for cooling purposes and it is usable with up to 9V input voltage.

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November 2, 2018

KO Propo Advantage Capacitor D

Coming from KO Propo is the Advantage Capacitor D that was specially designed for drift car applications. The capacitor board can be soldered to the positive and negative terminals of any brushless speed controller and ensures a smooth and controllable power supply as it is necessary for drift car racing. The capacitor comes protected with black shrink wrap and sports a gold-coloured sticker for looks and easy identification.

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