April 13, 2021

T-Works connector style switch

A system seen on many pro offroad setups, this T-Works connector style switch gives you a turnkey version of this resilient and safe switch to power the electronics on your nitro car. Also available with a mounting plate specific to the S-Workz S35-4/3, the keyed connector completes the circuit by plugging it into the supplied socket, giving you a switch that will not be knocked off in a hard impact.

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December 15, 2020

XactRC IRx 5mm bullet & 12 gauge wire

From XactRC come some wiring products including these IRx 5mm bullet connectors. Featuring a low profile top with a recess for soldering your wires to keep the wire low, it also helps prevent it from hitting the inside of the body. These solid connectors are gold plated for low resistance, high current/voltage using 6 prongs to keep efficient contact with your batteries. Includes two IRx 5mm bullets, one red shrink tube, and one XactRC shrink tube in black. Also from XactRC is this IRx black 12 gauge very flexible silicon wire, made from the highest quality materials to ensure you get the best connection with the least amount of resistance. Made with 680 strands of tin-plated copper wire, each with a diameter of 0.08mm to ensure less degradation of your wire compared to a bare copper wire stands. Offered in 3-foot or 25-foot lengths.

View the silicon wire here

December 11, 2020

XactRC IRx charge leads

XactRC’s new IRx charge lead is a 2-foot long 2S charge lead that is a must for those looking for low IR’s when charging. Using the highest quality bullets & plugs and high strand tinned copper wire that has the best performance over time compared to a bare copper wire that will degrade, it features a very flexible silicone tubing over the wire, black XH balance plug and a waterproof shrink wrapped balance plug for increased strength when plugging into your battery. It has been finished off with a black nylon mesh for each wire and centre of the lead which is finished off with their printed XactRC logo to hold it together. A great product to help you get the edge out of your batteries and will last to rigorous charging cycles. Available in two versions, one with 5mm & 4mm bullet connectors and one with 5mm bullets & XT60 plug.

View the bullet only version here

August 26, 2020

1up Racing LowPro bullet plug grips

1up Racing have introduced their new LowPro bullet plug grips, a neat and tidy way to stop blowing up speed controls by short-cutting them. The machined aluminum grips slide right on to 1up Racing’s 4mm and 5mm LowPro bullet plugs to clearly identify the positive and negative power wires. The precision CNC machined aluminium grips are finished with dark black anodising and easy-to-read laser etching. The silver outer ring provides excellent grip and cool looks. The grips are secured using a drop of CA glue and they are also available as a black and red set.

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December 16, 2019

Trinity 30mm & 40mm aluminium fans

Available now from Trinity are their new 30mm and 40mm aluminium fan units. The fans utilise machined aluminium cases in a heatsink design which allows for additional cooling surface when directly coupled to motor or speed controller cans or cases. The 30mm fan is of a 2-tone black and blue design while the 40mm unit comes in a black and silver finish. Both utilise all-black wires for a stealthy factory look.

View the 40mm fan here

December 12, 2019

Yokomo Racing Performer 3.5mm motor connectors

Coming from Yokomo’s Racing Performer series are new heavy-duty 3.5mm motor connectors. The female tube-style connectors are of a hexagonal design which makes soldering a lot easier while the “heatsink” design allows for improved motor terminal cooling. The european-style bullet-type male connectors can be used for straight for 90 degrees angled soldering, allowing for more wire routing options. The connectors are of a heavy-duty design meaning they are less prone to unplug even in the event of a crash and they are available as 6-piece tube and plug set or as 3-piece tube set.

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