February 7, 2020

Castle Creations Mamba Monster X 8S speed controller

Castle Creations have introduced their new Mamba Monster X 8S LiPo-compatible brushless speed controller for 1/6th scale applications. The ESC utilises Castle’s Cryo-Drive technology that, by reducing the rate at which the ESC heats up and removing heat more efficiently, the setup will be able to handle higher gear ratios, in heavier vehicles, with longer runs. These software advancements work in parallel with a unique open housing design to allow increased directional airflow to cool critical components. With the integration of a 40mm cooling fan and a forged elliptical fin heatsink, the design maximises airflow throughout the system, taking thermal performance to a whole new level. Constructed around a robust aluminium casing, epoxy potting guarantees protection around the circuitry and ensures all-weather use. Owners can also easily optimise the ESC for any driving condition, from rugged terrain to smooth pavement to the perils of rock and gravel. They can create, save and download setup profiles through the Castle Link Programming Suite on a Windows PC, or wirelessly with the convenience of the new B-Link Bluetooth Adapter and Castle Link app for Android or iOS.

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January 30, 2020

Reedy Blackbox 510R 1S competition ESC

Reedy have announced the release of their new Blackbox 510R 1S competition brushless speed controller. Extensive race testing by Reedy’s engineering and racing team has resulted in a high performance, high quality, and reliable ESC suitable for all levels of 1/12th scale competition. Thanks to excellent throttle and brake feel, a wide range of precision adjustability, and durable high-quality hardware, the Blackbox 510R 1S ESC suitable for blinky and modified 1/12th racing classes. The controller is available separately or including the PROgrammer2 program box.

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January 24, 2020

Sanwa SV-D2 drift car speed controller

UK Sanwa distributor Schumacher has introduced the new SV-D2 brushless speed controller especially designed for drift car racing. The SXR, SSL and Program Box Gen2 compatible ESC is Code 10 programmable using the Sanwa M17, M12S, M12S-RS, EXZES ZZ, and MT-44 transmitters and beside a drift car optimised firmware it also sports a new capacitor mount that allows for neater wiring even when using the optional cooling fan unit. The controller measures 31×36.8×19.5mm, it weighs in at 39.1g and is available now.

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January 22, 2020

Performa P1 Controller 60A brushless ESC

Available now from Performa Racing is their new P1 60A brushless controller, an ideal first racing ESC. 2S to 3S LiPo-compatible and being a sensored controller, the speedo’s blinky mode allows competitive racing when running in spec motor classes. It can be used also with timing for club racing, “outlaw” or hobby use with down to 6.5T motors. The ESC is housed in a machined aluminium case for optimsed heat dissipation and it comes pre-wired with black receiver, power and motor wires for a professional look.

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January 21, 2020

Performa P1 120A brushless controller

Performa Racing are busy adding more brushless speed controllers to their range of high-performance products with the latest being the P1 120A controller. Rated at 120A and usable with sensored or sensorless motors, the 2S to 4S LiPo-compatible controller is ideal for lightweight 1/8th scale buggies as well as 1/10th scale short course and monster trucks. The high-quality hardware allows for a small 48x35mm footprint and a low weight of only 121g. A switchable 6V/7.4V BEC system gives enough performance even for power-hungry high-voltage servos and advanced programming allows to fine-tune the ESC to a wide range of track conditions. The controller is housed in a machined aluminium case for improved heat dissipation and it comes pre-wired with black cables ensuring a professional factory look.

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January 15, 2020

Absima Revenge CTS 8 V3 1/8th speed controller

Absima have announced the release of their new Revenge CTS 8 V3 speed controller for competition 1/8th scale applications. The speedo utilises a machined aluminium case and add-on cooling fan for optimised heat dissipation while the software allows for a wide range of throttle and brake adjustments, ensuring the ESC can be adapted to virtually every driving style and track condition using an optional programming box. The 180A rated controller is of a sensored design, it features a 6v/7.4V BEC system, all black wires for a professional factory look and it is usable with up to 6S LiPo battery packs.

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January 14, 2020

Maclan Racing MMax 8 1/8th 200A competition ESC

Maclan Racing have introduced their new MMax 8 brushless speed controller for 1/8th scale applications. Developed from the ground up in cooperation with IFMAR World Champion, Jared Tebo, the ESC is of a heavy duty design, ensuring its hardware components meet the demands of high end competition racing while the software side of things enables the racer to take fully control of a multitude of parameters, ensuring the controller can be adjusted to all driving styles and track conditions. The MMax 8 utilises an all-aluminium case that ensures maximum heat dissipation and extreme durability. The 40mm HV turbo ESC fan provides that extra insurance to cool down the ESC in extreme ambient conditions. The super-switch-mode BEC is designed to handle true HV for all types of servos from 6V to 8.4V while the 32-bit micro processor allows for data processing at blistering speeds for improved throttle and brake control.

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January 9, 2020

Absima Revenge CTS 10 V3 160A speed controller

Absima have introduced their latest 1/10th scale competition speed controller, the Revenge CTS 10 V3 160A. The ESC is housed in a machined all-aluminium case, it is built using durable high-quality hardware and uses highly adjustable firmware, allowing to adapt the controller to a wide range of motors and racing conditions. A small on/off switch makes wiring easy while all-black wires ensure a professional look. The 3S LiPo-compatible controller offers zero boost blinky and timing/boost functions for stock and modified racing, it is usable with down to 3.5T motors and includes a high airflow fan.

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