July 22, 2022

Yokomo BL-RPX3 Competition ESC

Yokomo’s new RPX speed controller is finally here. The RPX3 is the new flagship model that surpasses the performance of the previous RPX speed controller. While maintaining the overwhelming power that reaches maximum RPM instantly, the throttle feel has been optimised by smoothing out the power delivery, adding a controllable characteristic that prevents breakdowns even when power is increased. An auto mode that changes boost in accordance with throttle is also included, enabling high-boost driving with a linear curve. The boost value can now be increased to a maximum of 75, whereas in the past the upper limit was 60, and instantaneous power has reached a level far beyond what was previously available. A dedicated programmer is required to change the RPX3 program and is now also available. They also plan to distribute firmware to update the old programmer (BL-R26P), but you will need to revert to the old firmware if you wish to change the program of the old ESC after the update.

View more images of the RPX3 here

July 8, 2022

Hobbywing EZRun Mini28 speed controller

Hobbywing introduce their new EZRun Mini28 speed controller built specifically for 1/28 scale racing. The ESC is extremely small (22mm by 14mm) and lightweight at only 5 grams and the shape is designed for ease of soldering and reducing unnecessary tweak, an important factor for a 1/28th scale racing car. The fully-alloy heat sink ensures that the ESC can dissipate heat and operates at a healthy temperature range while the maximum output current can be up to 30A. The ESC has many adjustable parameters, including PWM frequency, brake frequency, softening, Boost, Turbo and much more. It is equipped with two usage modes, the Zero-Timing which is more commonly known as ‘blinky’ and the ‘modified’ mode which allows power-hungry users to increase additional turbo timing in the software. The ESC also has a built-in BEC which can support a maximum output current of up to 3.5A and the output voltage at either 6V or 7.4V. This will ensure constant power supplied to today’s high-torque servos in the market. Simple and convenient, parameter settings, firmware upgrading and other operations can be established using Hobbywing’s OTA Bluetooth module and your mobile phone via the Hobbywing app.

View the underside of the Mini28 here

June 23, 2022

R1 Wurks Digital 3 1/8th Scale ESC

New from R1 Motor lab is the 1/8 Scale Digital-3 Wireless programmable brushless speed controller. Developed using the most advanced microchip processor and a robust proprietary software, the 1/8 Scale Digital-3 delivers the most technologically advanced features to date. Development of the 1/8 Digital-3 was focused on ultra smooth power delivery needed for competition level racing as well as supreme power efficiency. Compatible with use of up to a 6S LiPo Battery that allows for more power output. The controller offers the most advanced throttle and brake features to suit a wide range of driving styles. The unit features an A.C.L.C. (Advanced Component Level Cooling) system. This design allows individual encapsulated low resistance Mosfets (inner & outer components) to transfer heat directly to the upper heat sink. The system also comes equipped with an all new advanced commutation algorithm called ‘Cool Power’ to keep the motor cool and deliver powerful, yet ultra smooth acceleration.


May 2, 2022

Reedy SC500X ESC & Sport 550 15T 3-slot motor

Tested and proven, Reedy’s SC500X is a simple to use, economical, and powerful ESC for enthusiasts of all skill levels. Excellent forward, brake and reverse feel, a wide range of adjustability, and robust hardware make the SC500X suitable for a variety of 1:10 on-road and off-road applications. This powerful, yet durable combination comes standard in Team Associated’s Apex 2 Hoonitruck truck but is suitable for a variety of vehicles where an economically priced brushed system is preferred. It now is available as a combo with the Sport 550 15T 3-Slot motor.

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April 29, 2022

Reedy SC1500-BL ESC & 680-SL4 2100kV motor combo

The all-new Reedy SC1500-BL brushless ESC is water-resistant for maximum durability. Its robust design installs in most 1:8 buggies, truggies, monster trucks and short course trucks. When paired with a Reedy 680-SL4 brushless motor, a potent combination of power and efficiency is created, resulting in quick acceleration, high top speeds, generous run times, and more fun. This powerful, wheelie-inducing ESC/motor combination comes standard in Team Associated’s MT8 monster truck, but is suitable for a variety of vehicles where ultimate power output is desired.

View the 680-SL4 brushless motor here

April 22, 2022

Yeah Racing Tritronic 4X 6S Brushed ESC

Yeah Racing have released the Tritronic 4X Waterproof Dual Motor 6S Brushed ESC, designed for heavy duty use with large scale monster trucks, capable of running a dual motor setup and accepting up to 6s LiPo voltage. The full aluminium case helps to cool the ESC, with also pre-drilled holes for you to mount a fan if you wish so with channels for increased airflow when using ESC with a fan. Capacitors are also integrated into the PCB, for a clean mounting onto your truck. The power connectors chosen were the XT90 to deal with the large amount of current these big rigs use. An optional program card helps you easily adjust settings on the 4X Esc, With some of the larger trucks being able to lock diffs, crawler settings were added to the ESC so your rig can be transformed to a crawler with some simple setting changes.

View more images of the Tritronic 4X here

January 4, 2022

Maclan Racing DRK 160+ TSR Edition ESC

Maclan Racing have introduced the DRK 160+ TSR Edition, the only speed control designed and built by drag racers for drag racers. Featuring a proprietary all-new 7-Stage launch power control software (Version T19.01), all new 70 degrees over boost turbo timing for more power and factory pre-soldered 10AWG wires. There is also an upgraded control board that offers a more durable control circuit and there is also a new high capacity DRK super capacitor and improved data logging with higher resolution and crop function.

Source: Maclan [maclan-racing.com]

December 15, 2021

Yokomo BL-EP6P budget brushless speed controller

Yokomo have released the BL-EP6P, a brushless speed controller that is compatible with onroad, offroad and drift categories, comes with a programmer and is reasonably priced. In addition to Yokomo’s sensor type brushless motors, it can also drive general purpose sensorless motors. It is recommended for beginners and intermediates, but can also be used for a long time after your driving skills have improved, as the output characteristics can be adjusted by changing the program, and it has the performance to cover all the motors in the stock category. The included programmer is easy to understand with its one-button operation. By simply pressing and holding the buttons, you can easily make settings while watching the LEDs light up. The settings are also simple, making it easy to use even for first-time users of brushless motors.

View the functioning programmer here