January 31, 2013

C.Andy’s AHA race management system

C.Andy's AHA race management system

C.Andy’s have produced this AHA race management system for clubs and event/series organisers. The system places a small circuit board between the LiPo and the ESC which limits the electricity delivered to the ESC. The amount can be easily programmed by the organiser and easily checked through the use of LEDs. If the racer uses too much power the system will blink red and the driver wont pass post race scrutiny. The idea is to equalise the power from different ESCs, batteries and motors for example if you are using too much timing, you will use more power.

Source: C.Andy’s [rccarprototypes.de]

June 4, 2010

Dynamite LiPo Voltage regulator

Dynamite LiPo Voltage regulator

Dynamite’s new LiPo Voltage Regulator oversees the output voltage of 2S receiver packs to safe levels. That makes it a must-have accessory for 1/8-scale nitro enthusiasts and hobbyists who use LiPo receiver packs. The regulator contains a low-voltage cutoff, allowing users to protect their receiver packs from damage due to over-discharge.

Source: Dynamite [dynamiterc.com]

July 9, 2009

Xceed RC XS LiPo regulator

Xceed RC XS LiPo regulator

More new items from Xceed RC who have released their new XS LiPo regulator. Newly developed, it comes in at 22 x 12 x 7mm and weighs less then 7 grams. To ensure the voltage that goes into you receiver correctly, this regulator drops the voltage from 7.4V to 6V, eliminating the chance of damaging your radio equipment.

Source: Xceed RC [xceedrc.com]

July 5, 2009

LRP BEC, Engine Monoblock & Starter box

LRP Heavy Duty BEC & S8 One-piece Engine mount

Three releases that we skipped over earlier in the week from LRP are a new heavy duty BEC, one-piece aluminium engine mount and new competition starter box. The BEC is a new extremely strong voltage regulator for use with LiPo receiver batteries in nitro models and works perfectly with heavy cars and powerful servos, such as those found in 1/5th – 1/8th scale models. The new one-piece blue anodized aluminium motor mount for the S8-BX and S8-TX stiffens up the chassis around the engine and of course enables a quick engine removal and remounting. Finally, similar to the one released by Nosram on Friday, LRP have also released their new Spec.2 compact and lightweight starter box that has a new higher positioned starter wheel for more precise car positioning and faster starts.

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June 17, 2008

Much More Regulator & Power indicator

Much More SLV Regulator & Battery checker

Much More have released this super liner voltage regulator for 7.4 volt LiPo receiver packs. The unit regulates the voltage of the battery at 6.5V without noise and radio glitching thanks to the super linear regulator technology. Also new from the Korean company, is a LiPo battery volt indicator, which can work with the regulator using its extra socket as shown in the photo above. This item monitors the output voltage status using different LED colours.

Source: Much More [much-more.co.kr]

June 13, 2008

Team Orion Voltage regulator

Team Orion Voltage regulator

After having changed the electric racing market by establishing the LiPo as a standard worldwide, Team Orion is turning their attentions to using LiPo for RX packs. Since Lipo packs give a nominal voltage of 7.4 volts, and 8,4 volts when fully charged, it can’t be used with many receiver or servos without a voltage regulator. While there are some regulators already on the market, these are very low tech and not very resistant to the abuse that can occur when mounted in an RC car. Team Orion have produced a concept which has been made specifically to withstand this abuse, with their new Voltage regulator coming mounted in a protective casing.

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August 2, 2007

Nosram LiPo RX regulator and Rx packs

Nosram LiPo RX regulator and Rx packs

We showed the extensive range of LiPo cells from Nosram before but they have added even more packs to their range with the release of new receiver packs and regulator. These Nosram VTEC LiPo receiver packs have a nominal voltage of 7,4V which needs to be converted into the regular 6V input voltage for every receiver. The new Nosram LiPo RX regulator takes on this duty and will constantly provide 6V input voltage with a continuous 5A current which results in consistent steering and braking response throughout the duration of long finals.

Source: Mirage Racing [mirageracing.com]

July 12, 2007

SJ Perfect Balancer

SJ Perfect Balancer

Japanese company Powers International have started selling this, what is effectively a voltage regulator, by SJ called the Perfect Balancer. Used for charging you Lipo cells (2-5 cells), it is connected between your normal charger and the battery and it equalizes the power going to the cells to ensure correct and complete charging. When not connected to your charger it can be used as a discharger, providing balanced and safe discharging between cells.

Source: Powers International [powers-international.com]