August 1, 2022

New LSB Tyre Additive

LSB has introduced their brand new additive for 1/10 Touring Car. This additive was developed over many years and is finally now on the market. The LSB additive is 85% biodegradable using a very powerful formula that ensures maximum performance with a long duration on the track. This product was tested and approved by World Champion drivers.

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July 26, 2022

JConcepts pre-mounted Nessi tires

JConcepts have announced that their Nessi tire is now available as a premounted option. The pre mount includes open cell, medium inserts for plush control, mounted on Mono wheels available in bright white and florescent yellow. The Nessi tyre shares styling cues from its successful brother, the Lockness. Racing on artificial surfaces require a lot of stability and forward-bite and the JC design team went to work to substantially improve performance. The new tyre brings a new 3D blended pin-size, pin-separation and a light-weight and low-profile carcass. Designed in the industry standard 2.2” bead mounting size, the Nessi is very versatile and has shown to work in many natural and artificial conditions. The semi-circle protrusions, unique to the Lockness and now the Nessi are included in the centre section of the tyre and on the sidewall area. These details are important and the low semi-circles improves side-bite but also minimise grip-rolling instances associated with normal pins.

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July 21, 2022

Pro-Line Dumont SC Front Paddle/Rib tires

Pro-Line have introduced the Dumont SC Front Paddle/Rib tires, that have been redesigned from the ground up to give your SC 4×4 even better handling and steering through the dunes or snow. The Dumont SC Front tire uses a unique combination of V-shaped paddles and tall outer ribs. This gives your 4×4 Short Course vehicle enhanced steering response over traditional paddles, while still providing sand-throwing forward traction. Pro-Line P-L logos have been embedded into the tire carcass giving it the style that you have come to expect from Pro-Line. The Dumont SC Paddle tire gets its name from the incredible Dumont Sand Dunes in California, but these paddle tires are equally at home shredding your local snowfield in the winter. The tires are mounted to a pair of Raid SC Removable Hex Wheels.

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July 21, 2022

Pro-Line Toyo Open Country 1.9″ crawling tires

Pro-Line is proud to announce the first off-road tire in our partnership with Toyo, the Open Country R/T. The Open Country R/T offers excellent traction in our legendary G8 compound with aggressive styling to tackle even the most rugged terrain. We have recreated this striking rugged terrain tire for the Scale Crawling community in 1.9″ size, featuring the unique dual-sidewall design to offer customisation with a distinct look on each side of the tire: one side more aggressive and the other side less aggressive. The open, siped shoulder lugs enhance overall grip in muddy, sandy, or snowy off-road conditions, while mud and snow can be ejected through the large, open channels. Pro-Line’s Toyo Open Country R/T re-creation comes in at 4.45″ tall x 1.5″ wide for ultra-Scale looks and performance on your trail truck.

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July 14, 2022

JConcepts RM2 1/8th insert bands & tire bands

Two new items from the JConcepts RM2 brand with the release of new 1/8th buggy & truck tire bands and new red hot tire bands. The new RM2 buggy and truck insert bands are designed to fit in to the slots on inserts and resist insert expansion and shifting which leads to tire expansion. The band’s material construction is undersized and dimensioned to hold inserts firmly to the wheel and can be placed in any location on the insert that falls or locks into an existing groove. Next up, JConcepts together with Ryan Maifield have adapted a new style tire band to the arsenal for simplicity, purpose, and a tidy pit area. The moulded rubber bands feature some of the design details and construction and made the Satellite rubber bands so successful. For the RM2 version, the diameter has been tightened and handles removed to reduce storage space and increase snap for a variety of tires. The RM2 logo is embossed on the design, rotated about the centre and appear in Red Hot colouring.

View more of the new items here

July 13, 2022

JConcepts Landmines pre-mounted for Arrma Mojave

JConcepts designers have opened the imagination to create an all-new performance scale tire for the Arrma Mojave. The Landmines, available pre-mounted, developed after tuning and analysis have reached the summit and now available to the Mojave enthusiast. The design starts with a robust carcass carefully shaped and sized for a multitude of conditions and capable of bashing those difficult courses while being down-to-earth enough to carry a scale appearance. The team spent considerable time with the split-block centre design which has been sliced, stepped, and recessed for flexibility and contortion over sharp, loose, and polished surfaces. The Landmines have alternating solid and cavity pads which is ideal for transitioning from smooth dirt or pavement into dirt, mud, and rocky terrain. Moving toward the edges of the carcass, the tire has horizontal grippy pads with edge and channels to provide additional forward bite.

View the set of premounted Landmines here

July 13, 2022

JConcepts truck tire inner sidewall support adaptor

Continuing development is critical to performance and the team at JConcepts have developed a new option for tire sidewall support. During high traction or loaded conditions, tire sidewall deflection causes oversteer and inconsistency with driving performance. By adding the inner sidewall support adaptor and gluing it into place, the sidewall effectively becomes much harder and allows a driver to enter smoother arcs and radius turns on the race track. Already used in competition, the sidewall support pieces have shown to work on glued, sealed, or naturally grippy surfaces where traction rolling or oversteer is an issue. In addition, when conditions are rough, bumpy or dusty, the additional support drives smoother and with more consistency. At this year’s ROAR Nationals, Dakotah Phend, in conjunction with the JConcepts race team, installed the adaptors into the Smoothie 2 tires and Phend TQ’ed and won the 2wd and 4wd modified classes in convincing fashion.

View the adaptor set here