January 5, 2022

Joe Bornhorst joins The Drake Racing

The Drake Racing have announced the signing of Joe Bornhorst to their race team. Joe brings with him a wealth of knowledge and amazing attitude on and off the track. He will make his O.S. Speed B21 AD2 powered debut at the Southern Indoor Championship and The Drake Racing will be supporting all of Joe’s nitro powered needs. Joe’s engine of choice will be the O.S. Speed B21 Adam Drake 2 for both nitro buggy and truck. The Sworkz factory driver had this to say about his 2022 nitro engine program:

2022 is going to be a great year with the support of Adam and Ronda from The Drake Racing. It gives me a lot of confidence knowing my O.S Speed B21 AD2 engines will be prepared, broken-in, and services by The Drake Racing.

Source: The Drake Racing [thedrakeracing.com]

January 5, 2022

Akio Sobue joins Axon

Axon have announced that Akio Sobue ha signed a multi-year contract starting in 2022. The main purpose of the contract is for him to work as an Axon driver, participating in races including big events, and at the same time he will be involved in Axon’s product development. Akio will be using the Axon TC10 in the main category of EP touring cars and will attend races both in Japan and overseas. This exclusive contract will accelerate the development of the TC10 and other Axon products, and will lead to further improvement of the brand.

Source: Axon [team-axon.com]

January 4, 2022

Ryan Lutz joins Kyosho for 2022 & beyond

Kyosho is pleased to announce the signing of Ryan Lutz for 2022 & beyond. Ryan will be showcasing their Inferno series at the highest level at every major event. RL will make his debut at the Southern Indoor Championship (SIC) in few weeks. Ryan Lutz:

‘It’s been 16 years since I signed my first professional R/C deal with Kyosho and now I’m back with the storied company that gave me my start. I’m so excited to race the legendary Inferno lineup of 1/8th Offroad Kyosho vehicles again! So many of the same people work at Kyosho America and have welcomed me back like family! I can’t wait to get started!’

Source: Kyosho [kyoshoamerica.com]

January 4, 2022

Jessica Pålsson joins HB World Racing Team

HB Racing welcomes a new member of the HB World Racing Team, Jessica Pålsson from Sweden. Jessica is 19 years old and already 2 time Swedish Champion and a 3 time Swedish Cup Champion. Speaking about here new HB Racing signing, Jessica said, ‘I’m super excited to start 2022 with the HB Racing Team with so many great drivers and mechanics all over the world! Thank you so much Philippe for giving me this amazing opportunity to join the HB Racing Team! I’m really charged and ready to fight with my new HB Racing buggies!’

Source: HB Racing [hbracing.com]

January 4, 2022

Sunpadow Batteries sign Ryan Cavalieri

Sunpadow have announced that they have signed a contract with 4-time World Champion Ryan Cavalieri. The US driver is also a 29 times National Champion and winner of many other international prizes and in the new season, Ryan will use Sunpadow LiPo batteries to participate in all races.

Source: Sunpadow [sunpadow.com]

January 3, 2022

Mason & Kaden Fuller join HB Racing

HB Racing have announced the signing of Mason and Kaden Fuller for the 2022 racing season. The Fuller brothers have already had results on the racing scene, and the HB racing team welcomes them with wishes of great success in 2022. On their move to HB, the Fullers commented, ‘After attending all of the major 1/8th scale events for the last couple of years and watching all of the cars on a variety of tracks, we are excited to be joining the HB Racing team. The HB car is the most planted and stable while still carrying amazing corner speed. We would like to thank HB owner Philippe Neidhart, HB Racing team manager Chad Phillips, and the entire HB racing team for the opportunity to join the team. We can’t wait to work with such a passionate company and drive a car with so much potential for 2022 and beyond.’

Source: HB Racing [hbracing.com]

December 30, 2021

Jackson Brunson joins HB Racing team

HB Racing have announced that former Team Associated driver Jackson Brunson has signed to them for the 2022 racing season. Asked about his move to HB, Jackson said, ‘I’m excited to be joining HB Racing for 2022. With recent success around the globe, I believe the equipment is first class and I’m excited to help push that envelope of performance. I’d like to thank HB owner Philippe Neidhart, HB Racing team manager Chad Phillips, Cole Ogden, and everyone else at HB Racing for the opportunity given!’

Source: HB Racing [hbracing.com]

December 30, 2021

Jamie & Tommy Hall join Associated Factory Race Team

Team Associated, Reedy Power and Factory Team have announced the graduation of UK based brothers, Jamie and Tommy Hall to the Factory Race Team. Starting their R/C journey in 2011 and gaining support from Associated’s British distributor CML, Jamie and Tommy have climbed the ranks in the 1:10 BRCA series while recently venturing in to the 1:8 category. Jamie and Tommy each have a very different approach to racing but they complement one another well. This has lead to rapid improvement and collectively succeeding at an International level. Tommy’s priorities are on racing and race craft whereas Jamie’s focus is on set-up and the technical aspects of the vehicles. Team Associated said ‘We welcome the Hall family to the team and look forward to a long and successful relationship’.

Source: Associated [teamassociated.com]