August 12, 2011

Video – JConcepts Hi-Flow Short Course body


JConcepts introduce the new Hi-Flow Short Course body shell for most of today’s 1/10 scale SC trucks. The design goal of the body, that is introduced in time for this week’s 2011 ROAR electric off-road nationals, was to eliminate the so called parachute effect often associated with SC trucks. With big air escape areas that are easily cut out using an x-acto knife and newly designed number and name panel on the sides the body provides the best possible jumping characteristics and straight-line ability.

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August 7, 2011

Video – Pro-Line Short Course 2.0 tyres


In this video, made by Pro-Line, Scott Hughes talks about Pro-Line’s new wider 2.0 Short Course tyres. The US company has the Caliber SC, Hole Shot SC and Suburbs SC in the wider-than-normal 2.0 treads.

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May 24, 2011

Video – Weekend at Kerrys


Check out this video shot by DVS shoes featuring the 10th anniversary celebration of Kerry Getz’s Nocturnal Skate Shop. After Kerry gets pummeled with thousands of water balloons thrown by the neighborhood kids, they head over to Bam Margolin’s house where Kerry busts out his SC10 to hit some ‘gnarly’ skate ramps. Not to mention there is awesome skating throughout the whole video.

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April 20, 2011

Pro-Line Flo-Tek SC shell video

Having brought you information on the new Pro-Line Flo-Tek SC shell last week, the US company have put together a video showing the benefits of this new shell. Preventing the car from ‘parachuting’ its many air vents help it fly through the air in a more controllable manner.

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January 2, 2011

Video – Hupo Honigl testing the Durango DESC410R


More testing videos from the Durango DESC410R, this time Austrian Hupo Honigl running the car at his track in Vienna. In it you can see how well the car appears to take jumps and the amount of traction it has, with the triple and its short run up being a good example.

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December 20, 2010

Skelding dominates SC at Durango winter series Rd3


In its first appearance at the Team Durango Off-Road Winter Series, the DESC410R took the Top Qualifier spot and the win in the A main. Adam Skelding, Off Road Team Manager for Team Durango UK, said “As the DESC410R got hooked up to the track it was like driving a giant 410R. The SC had so much more drive and corner speed than the other 4wd SC’s I almost took 2 seconds a lap out of them!”

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December 8, 2010

Hupo Honigl dominates SC Fun Cup Austria


RC-Carpet Fun and Fun Cup Austria got together to hold the first ever Short Course Race in Austria last weekend. The venue was the new indoor off road track at RC-Carpet Fun situated in an old warehouse near Vienna. Racing was held to the usual single racing day Fun Cup rules, only one heat to sort drivers into the finals and after a short break to get some good food and nice drinks at the buffet, three finals for all. The tight track saw lap times between 26 and 29 seconds apart from one driver, Hupo Honigl who was joining the race and dominated all three finals driving a Traxxas Slash 2WD/Protoform SC Truck. His best lap time was 22.99 and therefore considerably quicker than second placed Peter Wirthners best lap of 25,88 driving an Associated SC10. Third place overall went to Georg Sandhofer with his Losi Strike. After the race Hupo revealed his ‘secret’ that he was using Protoform tires similar to Schumacher Minipins, the best tire to use for carpet racing at the RC-Carpet fun track. The next indoor off road race will be held at the same venue on the 30th January, 2011, more details can be found here.

View some images from the event here

October 30, 2010

Video – Pro-Line Renegade wheels


Embedded above is a quick video outlining Pro-Line’s different options in the new range of Renegade short course wheels.