July 30, 2007

Daily News Round-up

A summary of other news pieces from around the internet today in our Red RC Round-up: > Photos of the soon to be released Serpent S400 – Link [nondidju.e-bulles.be] > Xray to release new wheels for the NT1 soon – Link [teamxray.com] > RB Products report on the 1/8th scale Euros – Link [rbproducts.com] > Neo Buggy interview the man behind Ultimate Racing – Link [neo-buggy.net] > New Robitronic Mantis TXS RTR 1/8 Offroad Truggy – Link [rc-junkies.nl] > Coverage of the RC Car Action Manufacturers’ Cup – Link [radiocontrolzone.com] > Coverage from this weeks EP TC Euro’s – Link…

July 27, 2007

Xray NT1 Lightweight XCA Clutchbell

Xray have announced more option parts for the NT1, this time its the release of their new lightweight XCA clutch bell. For serious racers looking for weight savings and optimized rotating weight, this new XCA clutchbell has been made from ultra-strong Hudy Steel and has been strategically lightened, compared to the standard clutchbell, reducing rotating weight without sacrificing strength or durability. Source: Xray [teamxray.com]…

July 19, 2007

Atomic RC parts for Xray NT1 – 2

Atomic RC have released yet more parts for the 200mm of the moment, the Xray NTI. First off we have this rather cool looking aluminum servo saver, which adds extra strength as well as extra bling to your car. Also new and made from aluminium is a right side chassis brace, for more stiffness between the radio plate and rear assembly, and also some lightweight pulley spacers. Atomic RC have also created their own front and rear CVDs made from spring steel and finally they have produced a new front carbon fibre shock tower, with additional shock mounting positions, and…

July 13, 2007

Xray NT1 CVD Rear Driveshaft set

Xray have released the latest in their extensive line of options for their NT1 200mm car, the CVD rear drive shaft set. This efficient and performance enhancing rear CVD set replaces the standard rear drive shaft and drive axle and is rebuildable with separately-available spare parts. When used with the world’s lightest and most exclusive 1/10 nitro touring drivetrain on the NT1, this rear CVD set guarantees ultra-low rotating weight, super-smooth operation, and increased performance. All major CVD components are strategically lightened without compromising strength, and are manufactured from world-renowned HUDY Spring Steel™ to handle the drivetrain stresses and dramatically…

July 2, 2007

Daily News Round-up

A summary of other news pieces from around the internet today in our Red RC Round-up: > RB products have a report from last weekends ROAR nats – Link [rbproducts.com] > Kyosho have release lots of new parts for July – Link [kyosho.com] > Simon Kinzelmann won the 7th round of the Bayern Cup 2007 – Link [buggy-sport.info] > MCRC setup board and scales – Link [kimihiko-yano.net] > Xray release details of the new NT1 Rear Adjustable Anti-Roll Bar – Link [teamxray.com]…

June 26, 2007

3Racing optionals for Xray NT1

We showed you the new 3Racing one piece QC engine mount from their new line of Xray NT1 optionals yesterday and today we have the full list of optionals to be released for this car. All the 3Racing aluminium parts for the NT1 will be anodised red and while I wont go into detail about each product I will say that this is an extensive line of optionals, and if you own the car it will be pretty obviouse what part it is. Also note that these parts arent yet released and also that there are many more not shown,…

June 23, 2007

Atomic RC parts for Xray NT1

Atomic RC, the custom parts makers, have starting making option parts for the latest car to enter the 200mm market, the Xray NT1. While little information about these parts is available, the first to be released is a machined alumium lower back plate, which is a direct replacement to the standard composite part, but is stronger in the event of a rear collision. The 2nd new part are these new upper engine mounts, but i cant find any difference between them and the original Xray part with perhaps the exception of the materials used. Click here to see the back…

June 15, 2007

Xray NT1 Alu Wheel Hubs

We briefly mentioned these new NT1 alu wheel hubs from Xray a while back when we did a round up of the cars new optionals, but now Xray have published the full information for these parts and so here it is. Range of CNC-machined, premium aircraft aluminum offset wheel hubs for XRAY NT1 allow you to precisely adjust the track-width of your NT1 by fine increments. These wheel hubs are strategically machined for optimum strength, balance, and lightness, and are marked for easy identification. Secured on drive axle by setscrew. Hubs offered in standard size, or with offsets of -0.75mm…

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