April 9, 2016

Martin Hudy talks RX8’16 – Exclusive Interview

…the season I design some new parts which are first made in very small quantities for the core team to test out. It is very important to me that the car be easy to drive by both professional racers as well as regular customers, and therefore we provide test parts to less experienced drivers who will test the parts’ durability and lifespan. They provide me with their feedback about their impressions about the parts, and how the parts changed the handling of their car. From this I compare against my own experiences as well as feedback from the team. For…

April 4, 2016

Making the Xray RX8’16 – Part 2

…the existing issues: – The front bulkheads got a design change, with reinforcement in the area that saw breakage; – To eliminate the rear suspension holder bending issue, I changed the mounting from 2 screws to 4 screws which made the assembly very solid and impossible to bend anymore; – To solve the problem with the fuel tank, I have decided to use a completely different fuel tank; – To get more steering from the front suspension I incorporated the same design I recently (successfully) used on the new NT1. Instead of the front upper arm mounting from the side…

April 1, 2016

Making the Xray RX8’16 – Part 1

…small problems. In the computer, I created several different concepts which had the same results, but every one of them used different parts to achieve that. From these first concepts I chose the one that used the most existing RX8 parts so we could quickly create prototypes for the team to test. It took several weeks to produce the new parts, but after I assembled the first car and checked the flex on the workbench I was very positive and optimistic. The first feedback was positive (as expected) and everyone reported that the first prototype performed better than the current…

January 18, 2016

Xray NT1 & XB4 low height internal diff gears

Xray have introduced a set of low height bevel and satellite gears for the NT1 and XB4 series of cars. The lightweight gears are made of a special graphite composite material that offers high durability, low wear and an ultra-low rotational mass. Using the parts improves the drivetrain efficiency and the gears are also usable with the T3 line touring cars. Source: Xray [teamxray.com]…

August 3, 2015

Xray NT1 1° king pin angle steering blocks

Xray have new steering blocks for the NT1 200mm nitro on-road car available. Designed for the use with carbon fibre aerodiscs the steering knuckles feature 1 degree king pin angle for improved in-corner steering. The parts are marked for easy identification and they are available separately for the left and right hand side of the car. Source: Xray [teamxray.com]…

July 23, 2015

Xray NT1’15 graphite aerodynamic wheel discs

Xray have introduced two sets of aerodynamic wheel discs for the NT1’15 200mm touring car. Machined from 1.6mm high quality carbon fibre material the parts are a direct fit on the front steering knuckles and rear hubs and they are meant to improve traction, stability and steering on high-speed tracks. The discs are available as separate front and rear sets and come including mounting hardware. Source: Xray [teamxray.com]…

April 3, 2015

Exclusive – Making the Xray NT1’15

…but you can screw up easily and destroy a previously successful product. Working to improve upon the NT1 has been exactly like this … skating on very thin ice in the springtime. The NT1 has been our most successful platform, having won many World, European, Asian, and USA Championship titles since it was first released 8 years ago. In the beginning it was my father Juraj who was responsible for development, and he was the one behind the car’s early successes. I was very honored and humbled to take over responsibility for NT1 development a couple of years ago. One…

March 27, 2015

Martin Hudy talks NT1’15 – Exclusive Interview

…the race. The World Championship is the ultimate event that crowns the best of the best, and every two years all teams pull out their “secret weapons” for this race. To be honest we did not have much work to do on the NT1 before the Worlds, which is only because we have been doing our homework all the time. Since the very first NT1 released 8 years ago we have never stopped working on it and developing it, and year by year we made new improvements as they were needed. I can honestly and humbly say that the NT1

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