February 23, 2007

2007 TITC – Friday Controlled Practice


Yesterday we told you all about this years TITC in Thailand and today the event got underway with controlled practice for all the assembled drivers. In crazy heat once more it was Atsushi Hara with his Team Checkpoint powered Hot Bodies Cyclone that set the pace with Hido Kitazawa driving a Tamiya only 2 seconds behind. In 3rd was HB cyclone racer Surikarn C. while it was yet another HB racer in 4th with Olly Jeffries from the UK doing a great job. Andy Moore was on a fast run in the faster 2nd run but crashed out while Ronald Voelker broke a belt in his tire, ending his run. Qualifying starts tomorrow and we hope to bring you the results at the end of the day.

For pictures from the event until now, you can go here, here and here.

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February 23, 2007

Stewart Wilcox joins Team Losi

Stuart Wilcox

Top British off road racer and long time Mugen driver has made the switch to Team Losi to race the all conquering 8ight. Powered by Novarossi, with additional backing from KO Propo and LRP, Stewart will join the Helger Racing team to contest the National championship this year with his new ride.

With the start of the season only just around the corner time is short but Stewart feels confident he can be up to speed and ready for the first national. Not only do we benefit from Stewarts driving skill and technical knowledge but also customer support trackside from Models in motion.

Source: Helger Racing [helgerracing.com]

February 23, 2007

Much More Motor Master Limited Edition

Much More Motor Master

Earlier today we showed you some limited edition tire warmers from Much More, well we now have some more limited editions bits from the Korean company, this time its the Motor Master that gets the seal of approval and lick of colour from Andy and Marc. Based on the original Motor Master that can run in your motors and loads of other stuff including acting as a power supply, the limited edition versions feature black LCD and come in Purple and Blue, for Andy Moore and Marc Rheinard and feature their logo on the casing, just in case you get confused.

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February 23, 2007

French 1/12th Nationals – Round 4

French 1/12th Nationals - Round 4

More 1/12th scale, this time its the full report from round 4 of the French 1/12th Nationals from Montbrison. We already gave you the results of that event and of the actual championship too but now our partners RC Infos have a full report online. Although it is in French, the many images help tell the story and if your a 1/12th scale fan, you’ll love some of the close up shots of the cars at that event.

Check out the full report here.

Source: RC Infos [rcinfos.com]

February 23, 2007

Andy Griffiths is British 19T 1/12th National Champion

Andy Griffiths

Andy Griffiths has once again shown his domination in the 1/12th scale National scene in the UK by adding to his modified class title by taking the 19T title as well. Racing in the last round of the championship in Chesterfield, Andy managed to pull out a win in the first 2 legs of the finals to take the overall title ahead of Keith Robertson who finished 2nd

The finals turned out to be a very closely run affair, with Keith and Andy battling out for the victory, in 3 tight finals. In the end Andy won the first 2 finals to wrap up the victory with a leg to go. Mick had a few incidents in the finals, but still managed to finish a solid 4th place.

You can read the full report here.

Source: Mirage [mirageracing.com]

February 23, 2007

Serpent release the 720 ’07 version

Serpent 720 ‘07 version

On Wednesday we brought you the first pictures of the new 2007 version of the Serpent 960, well now we have info on its little brother, the 720. The 720 ’07 follows along the same lines as the 1/8th scale car in that its changes are only minor and mostly involve the inclusion of previous optionals now as standard. The 2007 version 720 will come with black chassis plate, front CVDs, servo saver with adjustable ackerman, nylon adjustable pivot ball nuts, upgraded fuel tank with o-ring sealed AFL lid and as an extra will include the front one-way axle along with lock set to to able to turn it into a solid front axle. All these extra parts should turn an already top performing chassis into a even better car.

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February 23, 2007

Much More Limited edition tire warmers

Much More Limited edition tire warmers

I think everybody who reads this site knows im a big Much More fanboy and pretty much drool over all the new shiny anodised stuff that they come out with, despite never having even used any of their products. These Limited edition tire warmers have been on the Much More site for a while but until now they didn’t have any large images of them so i decided to wait before writing about them. So now we have big images, here they are, based on the original tire warmer from the Korean company the limited edition Andy Moore version comes in his now trademark purple whilst Marc Rheinard gets his blue version. Both versions come with a black LCD screen and sport their respective racers logos and apart from that theres not much else to write about them

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February 22, 2007

2007 Thailand International Touring Car Champs

TITC Marc Rheinard

This weekend sees the RC circus make their way to Thailand, fresh from the Snowbirds & Winternats in the case of Jilles Groskamp, to race the Thailand International Touring Car Championships, or TITC for short. This years event takes place at the Radio Control Speedway in Jadujag, Thailand and is sure to be a tough race for all involved as it has attracted all 4 IFMAR ITC World Champions as well as some of the best Asian and European racers (see entry lists here). Last years Mod race was won by Marc Rheinard and he is certain to be a favourite this year along with local favourite and winner of last years Stock class Surikarn C, but they first have to get their cars dialed in on the rubber tires and in the 40 degree C heat that is beating down on the track in practice.

Expect the heat to play a major role in who can win this event, as the track temperature is in the mid 50’s celcius, and when you consider that modern machinery is already struggling to get rid of the heat while racing indoors in cooler conditions you can expect to some heat related failures throughout proceedings. Qualfiying will start on Saturday, with the finals on Sunday and we hope to bring you some end of day updates as we get them.

For pictures from the event until now, you can go here, here and here.

Image: TITC [titc.in.th]