February 8, 2008

Toy Fair – Team Corally

Corally 10X

Dutch company Team Corally have a large booth at the show and are displaying, among other things, the company’s new 10X and New Generation F1. Very simple cars, the rollng chassis on both are extremely lightweight, similar to the company’s SP12X, which is also on display. The RDX Phi is also present in its carpet foam guise and is sporting thick carbon and lightweight front and rear axles.

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February 8, 2008

Toy Fair – Kyosho Dnano

Kyosho Dnano

Kyosho are at the show with a new range of 1/43rd scale mini cars, smaller than the Mini-Z, called the Dnano. As far as I’m aware the new cars havent been officially launched yet but we did spot some hidden away on a glass stand and also spotted one being run on the makeshift Mini-Z track. They look great and performance on the track looked good, at least in a straight line. Available in a number of different body types, they are controlled by the new 2.4Ghz radio system that comes with the new generation Mini-Z’s.

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February 8, 2008

Toy Fair – Max Power

Max Power MX21 XL9 TQ

More engines, this time from Max Power who have released an all new buggy motor, the MX21CSQ. Featuring updated internals, a new cooling head and a square stroke, the motor has more top end than the previous Max Power buggy motor. Max also have an all new .12 circuit engine on display (although not with the final crankcase), the XL3 has ceramic bearings and complete new internal porting in the crankcase. To celebrate Massimo Fantini’s TQ at the World Championships last year, there is a MX21XL9 TQ, which is a 9 port motor with ceramic bearings and lots of internal work. Also on display was a new range of budget .12 engines with a nice new cooling head and also there are some new pipes for both .21 circuit and buggy.

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February 8, 2008

Toy Fair – JQ Products

JQ Products Starter box

JQ Products is present at the Himoto stand and Joseph Quagraine is on hand to tell everyone about his new project and the new products already developed. The main current product is the new starter box that has a convention shape and design, but the unique part is the alignment of the car on the top plate. Using 2 adjustable plates coming out of the starter wheel area of the box, these can be adjusted to clamp the outer edge of the flywheel hole on the chassis plate. This aligns it, while the use of foam/rubber pads on the on the plate stop it from moving around. I have tried it and it really seems to work, finding the proper alignment easily.

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February 7, 2008

Toy Fair – Novarossi World

Novarossi Plus 28-7T

Novarossi have introduced a line up of .28 truggy motors in 3 different configurations in 3, 5 and 7 ports. These engines have been placed under the Plus line and will be available immediately. Most of the top end engines have received an upgrade for the 2008 season with new carburettors for the circuit 21 motors while other little tweaks found by the team during last year have been added to the range. The 353 Race 12 engine has also been slightly upgraded, receiving a new shape crankcase to allow it to fit better into all makes of car.

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February 7, 2008

Toy Fair – GRP Gandini

GRP Engines

The bright orange GRP stand was hard to miss and in it we were shown the new line of GRP engines, exhausts and accessories as well as the Italian manufacturers main stay of on and off road tires. What can you say new about the GRP engines that is not already known, similar to the previous Ninja, Falcon and Boss branded motors, the new motors are very different internally with different materials and configuration. As with the previous branded motors all GRP motors are sold in a very nice presentation box and both the sport and tined line are available in a promo pack that comes with a hat, pipe, keyring and the exhaust system.

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February 7, 2008

Toy Fair – Team Associated

Team Associated RC12R

On the Associated stand this year is the new 1/12th scale, the RC12R which was first spotted at the races a few weeks ago. It will be sold only as a link car and for the traditionalists who want a T-bar setup, this option will also be available. Hot from the manufacturers and only just seen by the boys at Associated themselves is the new hard cased LiPo packs that we mentioned previously. A solid structure, they are lightweight, have good capacity and the pack sports the Reedy logo on the top and bottom, with the bottom featuring additional indents to place it into the battery slots.

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February 7, 2008

Toy Fair – Hudy Products

Hudy Tool bag

On the Hudy stand there were a number of new items on display including a new tool bag, which will be available seperately or containing a tool set, new car stands for on road and off road, the latter sporting shock holes for normal and big bore shocks. Hudy also have their own branded personal racing display that contains time, temperature and humidity and finally there are big droop blocks and gauge for off road cars.

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