November 26, 2008

Schumacher Pre assembled Cat SX

Schumacher have been in touch to tell us of the availability of 2 new versions of the Cat SX. First up is the LiPo Phil Booth signature version, which has been fully assembled by the legendary maker of champions Phil Booth. Phil assembled the original Cat that took Masami Hirosaka to World Championship fame as a young man and has been building winning cars ever since. These cars come set up and ready to win so make a perfect gift for any aspiring champion. For those who want to spend a little less there is the LiPo S1 Composite assembled version, which are almost Ready to Race. Just install your choice of electronics and spray the body to your own design. The S1 Composite material is extremely tough and has the same look as Carbon Fibre but is a little more flexible so offers easier handling while also being easier to set up.

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November 26, 2008

SMD Evolution High-torque Starter box

SMD have released their new Evolution box, a more powerful light weight starter box at a reasonable price. This new box has improved twin 775 motors, which have more stalling torque than even the largest single motor boxes around. In tests this box easily started a new engine, which is the biggest test of power for any box especially in the cold winter months. Powered by twin 7.2v stick packs, or a 7A 12v battery, it also features adjustable mounting blocks, making it suitable for most 1/10th & 1/8th kits.

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November 26, 2008

Cris Careca wins Paulista Mod Champs

We received a report from the final race of the Paulista Modified Championships in Brazil, which saw a closely fought battle between Cris Careca and Marcos Mayer. The first 3 finals saw the win going to 3 different drivers Cris Careca, Cesar Salvadori and Felipe Franceschi. In the last final, Cris Careca and Felipe Franceschi opened up a gap from Cesar Salvadori and Marcos Mayer, and with the Championship still open, the tension among the pilots was visible. Felipe Franceschi had problems with his car and had to retire leaving Cris to hold on for the win despite having some technical problems, to also wrap up the Championship from Marcos Mayer.

Thanks to Adalberto Neri for the report.

November 26, 2008

Hot Bodies Cyber 10B buggy

Hot Bodies have released some action shots of what appears to be a new mid range electric buggy. The Cyber 10B is a 4wd 1/10th scale off roader, which bears some similarities to the B-Max from Yokomo in that it appears to be a more stock version of a successful racing platform. Despite this fact, the B-Max went on to win the European and Japanese National Championships. The photos show that it has plastic shock towers front and rear as well as a new body, minus the D4 roof scoop, which also has a seperate nose piece mounted in front of the tower. Other details are not known but I have mailed HPI Japan to try and get some.

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November 26, 2008

Caster Racing announce the ZX1.5R

Caster Racing have announced the upcoming release of the ZX1.5R. Even lighter than their current car, it claims to have 16 significant upgrades, one of the coolest of which is that it comes in kit form. Listening to the complaints of racers from all brands they heard that people want to assemble kits, not take them apart and rebuild them. Expect more details prior to the December 10th release date.

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November 25, 2008

Savöx SC-125x series servos

The SC-125x series servos from Savöx are extremely powerful, fast and equipped with titanium alloy precision cut gears. Available in a number of versions, the SC-1256TG model is extremely powerful with 20kg-cm torque with 0.15 sec/60°, while the SC-1257TG is extremely quick with 0.07 sec/60° with 10kg-cm torque. The Savöx servo’s are equipped with a newly developed 12 bit microprocessor which processes the signal impulses even faster and more accurately. The anodized aluminium housing design helps the servo to stay cool and smooth, and are equipped with a precision coreless motor which makes for a smoother, faster and more efficient servo.

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November 25, 2008

Mugen Seiki 2009 Winter Clothing line

Similar to what they did last year, Mugen have once again released a limited number of their 2009 winter coats and trousers. Available through pre order only, this years clothing comes in blue/grey, with the jacket featuring the new Mugen Seiki logo on the front chest, with a large example of the same design on the back. The trousers too sport the same logo, on the lower leg.

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November 25, 2008

Drake & Nevin take Buggy wins at KFC

We have already heard about the truggy class at last weekends Kyosho Fall Classic, held at Revelation Raceway, but Adam Drake got in touch to fill us in about the buggy classes. The expert buggy class saw the TQ spot go to Associated driver Ryan Cavalieri but a dropped plug in the race allowed The Drake to take a clear lead and the win, by 1 lap from O’Donnell driver Steven Hartson, while Jim Pierce placed his Losi 8ight on the final podium step, taking 3rd. In the amateur buggy class it was Losi racer Chad Nevin that took the TQ spot, which he converted into the win, beating out his team mate Robert Wickham by 8 seconds, who took the runner up spot.