December 22, 2006

Adam Rogers win Rd3 of Rug Racers Championship

Adam Rogers

We reported previously on round 3 of the Rug Racers championship held at the Wodson Park Leisure Centre. Well Helger Racing have a more detailed report on the event that saw Adam Rogers take the win in the Modified class ahead of Elliot Harper in 2nd and Kit Jones in 3rd.

During this leg Adam charged hard and it was obvious to everyone that he was getting faster all the time with his new car; he led from start to finish and put in a time that was five seconds faster than his FTD time. His average lap time was faster than everyone, but Elliott Harper held onto the fastest single lap time.

You can read the full report from round 3 here.

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December 21, 2006

Oren Levy is Israeli HotWheels Champion

Oren Levy

Xray are reporting on their site that they have won last weekend HotWheels Israeli Championship for 1/8th off road buggies. The championship results were decided in the final race of the year and it was Oren Levy driving the Xray XB8 that took the title ahead of Yaniv Sivan in 2nd place and another Xray racer Yosi Stern in 3rd.

The XRAY team was driving awesome this season. All team members reported that the car was handling very well and all were very satisfied with the car’s performance and handling. Most racers succeeded in improving their results during this season using the superb XRAY XB8TQ kit.

Read the full report here.

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December 21, 2006

GRP release innovative exhaust system

GRP FLS Exhaust Pipe

GRP have announced the release of their new innovative 3 chamber exhaust system for 3.5cc off road engines. The innovation isn’t the new titanium colored finish but instead with the fact that the need for springs in mounting the exhaust to the manifold is eliminated with a new patented locking system called FLS.

The main novelty is the FLS (Fast Link System), studied and patented by GRP worldwide. This new system eliminates the need for springs, gaskets between the manifold and the pipe. You simply insert them and twist and it locks into place. Not only the FLS is new but also the pipe is made from a harder material, titanium finishing and a true 3 chamber model, guranteeing high performance and low noise.

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December 21, 2006

Xray NT1 first picture

Xray NT1 first picture

Our partners RC World have ‘obtained’ this image of the Xray NT1. I have an idea of how they got it too, i had the same idea but i didn’t have the correct tools. Anyway we can see a lot more of the car and from the looks of things its a pretty standard configuration but does look very low. Rumors are that this car will make its race debut at the Winternats prior to its launch in the Spring.

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December 20, 2006

Alex Lopez signs for Schumacher

Alex Lopez sings for Schumacher

Wow it seems everyone wants to get their driver announcements in before the holidays. Latest announcement is that of former Xray driver Alex Lopez, the multiple National Champion signing to race the Schumacher Mi3, but judging by the photo he will have to make do with the Mi2. Alex had this to say about the deal:

I am really looking forward to running a Schumacher. They have some pretty amazing things in the works. The Mi3 is going to blow a lot of people away. I also like that their team is very organized and works as a unit to make everyone go faster. I got my start with Schumacher so this is kind of like coming home. (Alex Lopez)

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December 20, 2006

Xray NT1 200mm gas touring car confirmed

Xray NT1

Xray have confirmed, on their site, their entry into the nitro touring car market that we Red RC predicted back in November. Their new 200mm touring car will be called the NT1 and well little else is shown in their introduction movie, except that it should see the light of day next Spring.

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December 20, 2006

XRAY Column #4 – Designing the T2’007

Juraj Hudy

In the 4th installment of his column Juraj Hudy (great picture) delves into what is the thought process behind designing a new car and how Xray approached the design of the T2007. A very interesting read as were his previous columns.

The T2 platform has really superseded all of our expectations and I was extremely happy that this car was so successful both with performance on the track and mostly with the overall satisfaction of the consumer. As such, I could not afford to make any mistakes in development that would negatively influence either the performance or the overall satisfaction of the current car.

Read the full column here.

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December 20, 2006

JConcepts new Illuzion buggy wing

JConcepts new Illuzion buggy wing

JConcepts, who we know from making the great range of Illuzion bodies has now brought out a new, pretty slick looking, rear wing for 1/8th off road buggies. Design elements include Illuzionized center flow with durable through-rib design and recessed side dams for extra decal protection. Underneath, a detailed grid that makes mounting a snap. It comes in 2 different colours and is supplied with decals.

JConcepts have also come out with a carbon fibre brake disc for the Team Associated GT2.

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